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When this blog was created in August 2006, we (Sai and Shujath) had been friends for about seven years. We were originally brought together by our common love for cinema and our aspirations to become directors one day had further strengthened this friendship. Through these years, we have moved onto careers that do not provide us a chance to pursue our first love. As we stand geographically separated today, one in India and the other in the USA, this blog provides a platform for us to share our thoughts and opinions on movies and ensures that we do not lose our affection and appetite for cinema. We are film lovers and not film critics. We do not intend to pass judgments but we do try to assess, appreciate and constructively criticize films as we see and understand them. We welcome participation, comments and feedback from other film aficionados as we share our experiences.

Despite our busy schedules, our passion for cinema continues to drive us to spend considerable time and effort to nurture this blog. As we near our first anniversary, we have reviewed over 400 films and obtained over 25000 page views with no real publicity. We thank all the readers who have supported and encouraged us during this time with their feedback. We hope for even more support and participation in the future. And do put in a good word for us with other cineastes if you like our endeavor.

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