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Knowing July 10, 2009

Posted by Shujath in English, Movies, Reviews.
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A time capsule containing illustrations about the future imagined by school children is buried into the ground in 1959 only to be taken out 50 years later. This whole idea is the brainchild of a certain kid called Lucinda (Lara Robinson) who also contributes to the capsule by rambling a continuous series of numbers on a piece of paper until the paper runs out. It doesn’t matter that her paper and pen are taken away for she finds an alternative to complete her series of numbers. Now Lucinda seems to be a pretty disturbed child and the more disturbing thing for the viewer is that she creepily resembles Rose Byrne (who she grows up to be). Until I looked up for the actress’ name who played young Lucinda, I thought it was some kind of a CGI trick.

Coming back to our story, when the time capsule is finally taken out that piece of paper ends up with John’s (Nicholas Cage) son Caleb (Chandler Canterbury). Now John somehow figures out that those numbers are a list of disasters (along with the number of casualties and geographic coordinates of the location) which have occurred in the past 50 years and as well predict some in the future. Meanwhile his son is also having some “Whisper People” as visitors at regular intervals. Who are these “Whisper People”?, What happens when the numbers end?, Why am I even watching this film? – are a few questions which you expect to be answered when the film ends.

The nice thing about “Knowing” is that it doesn’t wait till the end to deliver a crappy twist which is supposed to answer all your questions. In the first half of the movie itself you do get to know in which direction this film is heading. Like in every bad Sci-Fi movie when things tend to become too intriguing and inexplicable – Hollywood writers invariably bring certain entities (you know who) into the picture; “Knowing” isn’t any different and by now you should be able to guess who those “Whisper People” could be.

Even if you had no clue about where the film is going, watching Nicholas Cage in yet another of those “sleepwalk with an earnestly puzzled look” roles gives a hint of what you should expect. Rose Byrne is surprisingly quite irritating. The visual effects – especially the two major “disaster” scenes are quite nicely done. Alex Proyas’ last film “I, Robot” was one of the most interesting Sci-Fi films in recent times – which makes “Knowing” an even bigger disappointment. Like any good or bad film in this genre it is nevertheless interesting to watch though the payoff at the end is a downer.