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Jumper March 12, 2008

Posted by Shujath in English, Movies, Reviews.
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Those who haven’t seen this flick might be of the impression that the most supernatural thing in this movie is teleporting. Those who have seen would beg to differ. It’s Samuel L. Jackson’s supernatural “white” hairdo which fascinates the most. Well, Jumper is another poorly reviewed (but successful) film to hit the screens this year but I didn’t find it that bad. That’s because right from the outset it never sets out to be a great film. It aims low and somehow manages to achieve its target.

Gifted individuals called Jumpers have the ability to teleport to any place they visualize. To hunt them there are still more gifted (didn’t I mention Jackson’s hairdo before!) individuals called Paladins. The apocalyptic war between the two is what this epic is supposed to be. The teleporting hero (Hayden Christensen) has a Sphinx fixation (or is it lack of a bigger budget to explore more places) but still credit should be given for some great camerawork which captures the pyramids as never before. There are also few other sequences where the camera movements impress.

Then there is Rachel Bilson who can’t figure it out how her boyfriend manages to do unexplicable stuff but gets the shock of her life when he teleports a few inches within the same room. Jamie Bell is the more interesting of the two Jumpers. Christensen for some reason is hardly excited about his powers.

Oh, before I forget…last but not the least – this film is really about an American mom’s true love for her child. I think Doug Liman has not seen the Julianne Moore starrer “The Forgotten” – when aliens couldn’t come in between an American mom and her child how did he expect a silly job description would! Think that you are about to watch one of those sci-fi campy B movies and Jumper won’t be hard to endure.