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Nenu Meeku Telusa? October 13, 2008

Posted by Shujath in Movies, Reviews, Telugu.
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Aditya (Manchu Manoj) suffers from an amnesiac condition which triggers complete memory loss after a night’s sleep. As days pass for Aditya the viewer isn’t quite sure if the person suffering from this condition is the hero or the director. At the end, there doesn’t seem to any improvement as far as the hero is concerned; the director shows symptoms of recovering but it is already too late.

Nenu Meeku Telusa? is a classic case of how to ruin a nice concept. Aditya goes through a daily routine guided by his own recorded voice. There are only two other people who know about his condition. One of them (who happens to be his uncle) gets killed and circumstantial evidence points to Aditya. How does he get out of this mess? The films starts off quite promisingly and the daily routine of Aditya is very believable too. Then progressively irrelevant and boring scenes start popping now and then. Despite many inconsistencies and flaws, things still look good at the intermission. But like I suggested before, writer-director Ajay Shastri seems to have no clue of where to begin shooting after a night’s sleep. Sorry to say but what starts out as one of the most interesting films of this year will have no trouble finding its place in the list of worsts.

Ajay Shastri (credited for story, screenplay, dialogues and direction) has to take the blame for all of it. Manchu Manoj is the only redeeming factor of this film. Depsite not having a hit ever, there have been good things written about him. This is the first film of his I am seeing and I found him very impressive. Unlike his elder brother (who has been promoted more by his family until now), he is an absolute natural. As Aditya, the believability he brings to the role is worth a mention. He is completely at ease with comedy and action too. There’s an eloborately choreographed eight minute long foot-chase sequence though marred unnecessarily by the use of still/slow motion shots just to prove that there is no double being used. Like most things in the movie it is absolutely irrelevant to the plot but still something to take home from the ruins.

Riya Sen is alright but Sneha Ullal as an IPS officer is truly – as Brahmanandam would exclaim – a “What the Frock!” case of miscasting. Ms. Cutie with her stock expressions would find it hard to convince you that she’s capable of killing a mosquito and here we are supposed to accept her as an IPS special investigative officer!!! If this were a far better film then Brahmanandam could have added his “Barmani” to the list of his most memorable roles. No matter how inconsistently it’s handled, he still make you laugh the moment he says “What the Frock!” along with the hilarious expression/sound he makes.

A couple of songs are good while the rest don’t work. The camerawork with a huge overdose of still shots and slow-motions are quite distracting. A bout of merciless editing might make the film better but not enough to make one like it. To quote Brahmanandam once again – he literally ends the movie with a final “What the Frock!” and so do the viewers.