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Gunde Jhallumandi April 13, 2009

Posted by Sai in Movies, Reviews, Telugu.
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Director Madan’s most recent venture is a romantic comedy about a girl who creates an imaginary boyfriend to avoid the temptation of love and a village simpleton who goes to the city to get a degree that will allow him to become the Sarpanch of his village. As you might imagine, they fall in love and the imaginary boyfriend plays the most important part in the development of their relationship.

Debutant Aditi Sharma isn’t bad but Uday Kiran (who has gained a lot of weight) isn’t all that watchable anymore. The cast isn’t one of the film’s assets but its music is. Keeravani’s soundtrack is a mixed bag but has a couple of really good tunes. Telusa Manasa is a signature Keeravani melody and equally interesting is the naughty Pavada Kastha but its evocative lyrics are completely wasted as the song is played in the background while the opening credits roll.

Unlike Madan’s previous venture, Pellaina Kothalo, which was quite bearable and was based on an identifiable premise, this one is all contrived. As the absurd premise clearly manifests, the film aims to be a light entertainer and has a lot of farcical moments. Some of the silliness puts a smile on your face as does some of the dialogue but it has its share of irritating moments too. I’d put this in the “watch it if you really have nothing better to see” category.

Happy Days November 11, 2007

Posted by Shujath in Movies, Reviews, Telugu.
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It has turned out to be his biggest box office success till date but I consider Sekhar Kammula’s “Happy Days” to be his least accomplished work….which does not mean that it’s a bad film. It just didn’t strike a chord with me unlike his previous films.

Supposed to be a nostalgic look at the director’s own happy days at his alma mater CBIT, the plot is about a group of friends and the time they spend together during their 4 years of college. More specifically, one half the film deals with their first year and the interaction with their seniors while the other is about their heartaches and strained relationships. It is the first half which I found quite disappointing and that’s what gave me a less favorable impression of the movie as a whole. The complete handling of the juniors vs seniors thread (except for the senior guy falling for the junior girl angle) is very juvenile. All you have in it is a guy (the character Tyson) who concocts unbelievable stuff in his lab to trouble his seniors. This part really put me off. It was seriously unfunny and unrealistic to say the least…and especially coming from a director of Kammula’s stature. However, he is is in familiar territory when it comes to handling the interactions with his lead pairs. It does remind you of his previous films Anand and Godavari but nevertheless pleasant to watch.

What works most for this film is the fresh cast and the musical score. Sandesh and Tamanna stand out among the cast and the way they emote is excellent. I however had a hard time listening to Rahul (who plays Tyson) speak (but I must admit that in real life I have come across people who speak like that). Mickey J Meyer’s score is brilliant. It is an understatement to say that this film would have felt half as good without it.

One of the main reasons I could not appreciate this film as much as others have is because personally there was hardly anything I found here which I could relate to my own college life. I am sure others would have different perspectives and that’s probably why it is still running to packed houses even weeks after its release. On the whole, this is a film which has its moments and is definitely watchable but it would do good not to go and see this with high expectations.