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21 August 15, 2008

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Apparently inspired by a true story, this film is the story of how an MIT professor and his students count cards and win/steal gobs of cash from Vegas casinos. Kevin Spacey plays the professor who devises a foolproof scheme for the purpose. The film actually is about a kid call Ben Campbell (Jim Sturgess), a math whiz who is newly inducted into the team and soon becomes its star. Ben needs the money for Med School but he thinks he can get out when he makes enough for his tuition. But greed, jealousy and immaturity take over and things turn sour. Ben loses the money and if he doesn’t get it back in time, his Harvard dreams could be shattered.

I was terribly bored by the end of this film. Even though the premise could have resulted in a watchable film, screenwriters Peter Steinfeld and Allan Loeb turn this into an exercise in tedium. The intelligence of this kid is hammered to us time and again but it would have been better if the intelligence of the script came through. Stock characters and mostly uninteresting situations bring this film down and director Robert Luketic (Legally Blonde) isn’t really able to use the inherent charm of Vegas and making easy money.

I am sure a lot of people watched this film due to the presence of Spacey. I wouldn’t have checked it out if not for Spacey but he isn’t on screen for as long a time as you might expect. He doesn’t get scope to impress and Laurence Fishburne is wasted but Sturgess does manage to do well.

Casino Royale
sold Poker to me. 21 couldn’t do the same for Blackjack. I wouldn’t recommend this film.