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Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D July 26, 2008

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Based on the 1864 Jules Verne novel of the same name, this is a 3D film (also playing in 2D) starring Brendan Fraser. Fraser plays Trevor Anderson, a scientist of some sort manning a lab that might soon be closed down. His brother, a Vernian (apparently someone who believes that the center of the Earth is exactly as Verne described in his book), has been missing for a few years now. When some clues regarding his possible whereabouts emerge, Fraser goes in search for his brother along with his nephew (you need a kid in this sort of movie) and a mountain guide (a girl, as you might have guessed). Then, obviously, they fall down (yes, to the center of the Earth, which they find to be as Verne describes) and the rest of the film is about their adventures as they try to find a way out.

There is nothing particularly interesting or imaginative in the way that this film has been made. The makers know their target audience and they fulfil their duties in trying to appeal to them without trying to innovate. This formulaic adventure has a few laughs and some not-so-new thrills where the protagonists almost get killed (dodging a dinosaur, a ride through a mine where a part of the track is missing, escaping carnivorous plants and so on).

The 3D format is definitely the film’s USP. Since, there aren’t too many films made in this format, it always has an appeal. That said, the makers could have surely come up with better ways to use it.

This is a simple-minded adventure that should appeal to the kids and adults looking for something that their inner child will appreciate. Remember that the 3D format considerably enhances the film’s impact and it might not be worth watching in 2D or on DVD.