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10,000 BC March 9, 2008

Posted by Shujath in English, Movies, Reviews.
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Somebody had to make the campiest period flick ever but I didn’t expect Roland Emmerich would helm that. He never had the critics rooting him but I’ve loved all his “disaster flicks”. This time however, he really delivers a true blue disaster.

First and the foremost thing which comes to your mind is – What was the necessity of splattering all the promos and posters with the “spear tooth” (the big f****** tiger) and woolly mammoths (the big f****** elephants) when they actually have exactly about 10 minutes of screen-time combined. Would you have forgiven Spielberg if dinosaurs appeared in Jurassic Park only for 10 minutes! And those 10 minutes are the only justification for calling this film 10,000 BC for the people in this one seem to be living definitely not before 1000 AD.

Now comes the grand plot. Old Lady Oracle – The Chosen One – Save the World….If these three phrases sound alien to you then either you are too dumb or you don’t watch Hollywood flicks (in which case you might want to give this a try and probably end up liking it). For the rest, let’s pray together that Hollywood writers are cured of this plot device….we’ve had more than enough of those. Still, despite all this I wouldn’t have complained if the film was even a tad less boring. Those 109 minutes seemed like forever.

The screenplay and the dialogue is so bad and funny that atleast it could have been one of those “so bad it’s good” flicks but sadly it cannot be so because as the unsuspecting viewer the feeling of being royally cheated overrides everything else. Mr. Emmerich – brace yourself for next year’s Razzies and everyone else please save your money for something else.