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Satyabhama March 16, 2008

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Amateurish direction, extremely lame dialogue and incomptent acting mar this film. Even though it takes a considerable amount of inspiration from a watchable romantic comedy (50 First Dates), this film is a pain to watch.

For those who are unaware of the plot, it is about a girl who has short-term memory loss (which, at one unintentionally funny point in the film is termed Amnesia – a horrible disease of forgetfulness or something like that) and re-lives the same day for a year. A young man falls in love with her and decides to improve the situation that she is in.

Debutant writer-director Sreehari Nanu’s inept handling of the content and his actors makes this a bad film. The dependable Bhoomika falters in a number of scenes, though she could have been an adequate replacement for Drew Barrymore. Sivaji has a horrible hairstyle and is unbearable at times. Chitram Seenu and Babloo irritate. The limited presence of the more watchable supporting cast members like Brahmanandam, Sunil and Chandra Mohan means that there is not much respite for the audience. Chakri’s soundtrack isn’t great and his ability to ruin decent tunes by singing them himself makes it a lacklustre effort overall.

Keep away from this one!

Anasuya January 18, 2008

Posted by Shujath in Movies, Reviews, Telugu.
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It’s become a pretty big success but is it what the posters all over the place claim to be – “Ravi Babu’s Thrilling Masterpiece”? Hardly. As in the case of the other flick Mantra which came out along with this, apart from the fact that the audience doesn’t get to see this genre of films so often there isn’t much to look for here. This is like one of those cliched Hollywood style slasher flicks – only in this case the identity of the culprit is known almost throughout the whole film. The only suspense factor to an extent remains to be the killer’s motivations which is probably the only time during which I found the film interesting.

Technically, the film looks good – thanks to an A-list crew. Bhoomika as the protagonist does quite well and she looks really gorgeous when compared to her previous films. Ravi Babu does (rather looks) his part as required. He seems to have this delusion of being some groundbreaking director going by the way he creates a pre-release hype for each of his films. Apart from his overrated debut Allari nothing worked for him until this one.

Most of the film is pretty average (I did sleep for some time during the first half). The only time I was rather irritated was with the exceptionally prolonged climax. Even otherwise purely looking at the plot there are too many loopholes and convinient situations you’d have to overlook. This is a watchable film (if not a good one) which didn’t hurt me. You’ll probably want to watch it if you haven’t seen a film about a serial killer before.