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Gran Torino June 24, 2009

Posted by Shujath in English, Movies, Reviews.
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Whether this was Clint Eastwood’s final appearance on screen or not is still not clear; either ways Gran Torino marks a grand culmination of what Eastwood has represented through his characters all these years. There was wild speculation much before its release that Gran Torino might be the final “Dirty Harry” flick. The initial promos didn’t do much to suggest otherwise. It doesn’t really matter because Walt Kowalski preserves Eastwood’s legacy as good as a “Dirty Harry” or a “Man with No Name”.

Now, if you aren’t a fan of the legend called Clint Eastwood there is really nothing to look forward to from this movie. Walt Kowalski is a Korean War Vet – the bitter experience (it is suggested) of which turns him into a guy who is pretty cynical and angry with the entire world around him – in other words – Vintage Eastwood! Circumstances lead to the blossoming of an unexpected relationship with his Hmong (immigrants/refugees from war-torn Laos) neighbors which culminates finally in a good ol’ cinematic redemption for Kowalski.

I absolutely loved this one purely because of Eastwoods towering presence in a role which so well celebrates his on-screen persona – that he is behind the camera as well is an added bonus. The supporting cast of Ahney Her, Bee vang, Christopher Carley and John Carroll Lynch also do quite well. Gran Torino is a simple yet remarkably strong film built around the aura of its protagonist. It is no doubt one of Clint Eastwoods’s greatest outings as an actor and that’s what makes it a classic of sorts.


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