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Rachel Getting Married March 23, 2009

Posted by Shujath in English, Movies, Reviews.
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As it is obvious from the title, Rachel (Rosemary DeWitt) is getting married over the weekend. Everything seems to be in place except for the fact that her sister Kym (Anne Hathaway) is also returning from rehab. Kym makes a lot of people around her visibly uncomfortable; and as we come to know later, simply having been to rehab isn’t just the reason. There is one incident mainly which seems to be the cause of constant consternation and subsequently pent up frustrations in the family come to the fore as the day of Rachel’s wedding nears.

The film however is shot more like a docudrama which covers every trivial incident in the household over that period. That somehow didn’t work for me because most of film revolves around those offputting wedding rituals involving equally irritating characters. That probably seems deliberate because I just happened to read in Wikipedia that Jonathan Demme loved Jenny Lumet’s (daughter of Sidney Lumet) script precisely because of her lack of concern for making the characters likeable. That’s definitely true because Kym happens to be the only person you’d want to sympathize with – the main reason for that also could be that Anne Hathaway is just too good.The film only comes to life only when she is on screen. Apart from her Rosemary DeWitt as Rachel is also very impressive.

I also loved the score (Donald Harrison Jr. and Zafer Tawil) – especially the violin piece during the end credits. On the whole I didn’t find this film as engaging as other dysfunctional family flicks I’ve seen before but is still worth a watch for the performances of its leading ladies.



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