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Konchem Ishtam Konchem Kashtam February 20, 2009

Posted by Shujath in Movies, Reviews, Telugu.
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Konchem Ishtam Konchem Kashtam could have been just another feel good family entertainer on the lines of Dil Raju’s uber-successful flicks – with the underlying thread this time being separated parents. This part is built around the usual  boy-meets-girl and boy-trying-to-win-over-girl’s-father stuff. What makes it stand out is however is the effervescent lead pair of Siddharth and Tamannaah who complement each other so well – something you hardly seen in Telugu mainstream cinema.

The film is mostly lighthearted and even if Brahmanandam’s act happens to be the one which doesn’t impress relatively; still watching him in that hilarious “Geethanjali” gag suffices for it. Venu Madhav actually gets a better role as the hero’s sidekick. Prakash Raj, Ramyakrishna and Nazar are fine as usual. Another thing you’ll take home is the music by Shankar, Ehsaan and Loy. It’s a wonderful score and the picturization of the songs is the icing on the cake. The title track is extremely catchy but the one I absolutely loved is the “Subramanyam” number. In terms of pure content there is hardly anything new about this film but the extremely good packaging and other factors combined make it a cool watch.

Apart from the film itself, I was much impressed with the really nice poster campaign – don’t get to see such things too often. Siddharth is in top form though it must be a cakewalk for him to do such roles now. Tamannaah might have a slightly subdued role but she always makes her presence felt – finally an actress who can be given a meaty role to handle and who is not called Genelia. The producer and director go by the names Bujji and Dolly but thankfully their work isn’t as frivolous.

On the whole, KIKK is a fun-filled outing – go for it!


1. vallabh - February 21, 2009

Watched it last night. I was smiling throughtout the movie save a few scenes which had the movie’s message shaping up. Siddhardh was as cheerful as he could be. Tamannaah fared well aswell, though, I find Genelia’s performance more natural and energetic. Venumadhav had me laughing in most of his scenes but Brahmanandam’s character turned slightly boring in the second half.

There was a mishap at our screening when one reel that’s supposed to play right after the interval was skipped and played a while later. So, that part was predictable when played and thus was a bit boring. But, interestingly, it has very little affect on my entire movie experience. Climax seemed to heavily borrow from Bommarillu and the scene where Siddhardh slaps Venu Madhav seemed very familiar and unnecessary.

A few dialogues felt to be overdoing the sentiment aspect of the movie. But, overall, it turned out to be a good watch, better than my last two telugu movie visits to Arundhati and King. Anyone wanting a clean family entertainer…? Yes, go for it!

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