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Ashta Chamma October 12, 2008

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Ashta Chamma is a comedy of lies and confusion. Lavanya is a young girl besotted with Mahesh Babu. When he gets married to Namrata and Lavanya realises that she can’t have him, she decides to do the next best thing – marry a guy named Mahesh. Her neighbor Anand decides to help her to get rid of her so that he doesn’t have to listen to the songs of Pokiri blaring from her speakers. He finds a guy named Mahesh and introduces her to Lavanya. They hit if off before a problem arises. While Mahesh tries to solve the problem, Anand complicates it as he is besotted with Mahesh’s sister who thinks … well let me not tell you everything. The rest of the film is about the fun events that occur while the conflict is resolved.

Writer-director Mohana Krishna Indraganti (Grahanam), who last gave us the old-fashioned, often boring Maya Bazaar, comes up with a farcical comedy based on Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest. He sets an over-the-top tone for the film and all the actors oblige him and seem to be begging the audience to not take them seriously. Once you accept this, the film becomes easy to digest and enjoy.

Sekhar Kammula liked this film enough to buy the overseas distribution rights but this isn’t the sort of film that he would make. The film relies on unrealistic comic situations but Mohana Krishna does come up with good one-liners and they are the major strength of this film. Kalyani Malik delivers some interesting tunes that fit in well with the film. Whether it is the comedic Hello Antoo or a more mainstream Aadinchi Ashta Chamma, the songs seem to match the tone of the film.

‘Colors’ Swathi (Danger, Aaduvari Maatlaku Ardhaale Verule, Subramaniapuram), as Lavanya, is her usual bubbly self. Whether that is good or bad is upto your judgement. The main lead, Nani isn’t bad at all and is probably a better performer than some of the star kids that we get to see today. But the film really belongs to the other debutant, Srinivas Avasarala, who gets the best one liners and walks away with the audiences’ appreciation.

Krishna Vamsi’s Chandamama and now this. Telugu comedies these days seem to remind me of the time when Jandhyala made some comedic gems. While not anywhere near a great film, this is definitely an enjoyable light entertainer if you aren’t put off by the tone.



1. Shujath - October 13, 2008

Saw this a couple of days back. Quite a fun-filled (no brainer + smart at times) entertainer. The second half couldn’t fully live up to the expectations set by the previous portions but a good one on the whole.

A few people tried to find realism in the story and complained that it was too illogical….but just because it’s a “small” film doesn’t mean it has to make complete sense as long as it entertains.

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