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Wanted July 3, 2008

Posted by Sai in English, Movies, Reviews.
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What a rush!

Sexy. Supercool. Awesome. Funtastic. These may be apt one-word descriptions for this film.

Pointless. Also another apt description.

Russian director Timur Bekmambetov (Night Watch) delivers an extremely stylish, visually inventive action thriller. Wanted is the tale of a nobody who finds out that he is the son of a dreaded assassin. He is recruited by the Fraternity, a secret organization of assassins founded a thousand years ago, to kill a rogue assassin who murdered his father. After gruelling training sessions, he is finally ready for the job. But is he really ready? What surprises await him (and us)? Can he complete the job?

Frankly, I knew I was going to love this film after the first chase sequence. And if anyone is not having fun by that point, chances are that they will not enjoy this film.

This film is full of sensational (not to mention impossible) action sequences that have been composed brilliantly and executed even more skillfully. The action choreographer, the visual effects team and the director deserve all the praise they can get. Bekmambetov’s ingenuity is visible throughout the film and this film could have been a big dud without him.

James McAvoy (Atonement, The Chronicles of Narnia) hardly struck me as an action hero but he delivers. He makes a smooth transition from an accountant to an assassin, making both of them believable. Angelina Jolie makes this film even more sexier than it already is and it is always wonderful to watch Morgan Freeman.

The film isn’t for everyone though. Remember, it is based on a graphic novel series (written by Mark Millar with art by J. G. Jones) and there can be a lot of things that could be considered silly (if bending bullets seems preposterous, wait till you hear about the ridiculous Loom of Fate). But this film doesn’t intend to be realistic and Bekmambetov makes sure that you realise the film’s distate for the laws of nature in the first ten minutes.

The film may have scant respect for logic but it does have enough in its plot to keep your mind occupied. It may be incessantly violent but it has been made with great imagination. It may be a wet dream for guys who lust for sexy action films but it is also art. It may not find favor with everyone but it will make money and it will be imitated. It may be construed by some as an inconsequential forget-me-soon summer movie but it is not and it will stay with me for a long time.

Those who want something “sensible” can go elsewhere but those who feel low on adrenaline should definitely watch this.


1. everydayman - July 3, 2008

I’ve read someone’s blog and she said the only thing bad about this movie is the ending.. Is it really that bad? .. Im just making sure coz i’m planning to download it…


2. meor@maru - July 3, 2008

it’s not really terrible… just terribly disappointing…

3. Sai - July 3, 2008

I didn’t have a problem with the ending but note that the action sequences are best viewed on the big screen for maximum visual impact.

4. vallabh - July 7, 2008

“Wanted” is an awesome entertainer. An IMDB reviewer wrote that the action sequences in Wanted were a mix of those in Matrix and Shoot ’em Up. Being a huge fan of both movies, I walked into theatre with very high expectations (not regarding the plot though). And this movie exceeded my expectations. That… I call a “Successful Movie”.

5. Shujath - July 14, 2008

The most motivational film of the year. It’s Fight Club meets Matrix meets Shoot ’em Up. This James McAvoy guy is quite good.

I’d only like to say this to people who who talk about realism….Watch Bekmambetov’s Night Watch and you’ll figure out that “Wanted” is probably the most sanest thing he’s ever done.

6. meor@maru - July 20, 2008

haha… Maybe my expectation is too high after all…
Well, that may be true as I’ve been anticipating this since january this year…

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