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Bujjigadu – Made in Chennai May 25, 2008

Posted by Shujath in Movies, Reviews, Telugu.
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In hindsight, one can figure out why Bujjigadu has turned out to be the way it is. Puri Jagannadh’s films always revolve around a hero who can talk – especially with a reckless street-smart accent. Now, among the leading men of today Prabhas is the only guy in the “top league” who has extremely poor dialogue delivery skills when compared to his contemporaries. So, what does Puri do?

Prior to watching this one, I guessed that Mohanbabu was in the movie to do the talking. I was wrong. What happens is this – In the film’s runtime of say 2hrs 40 minutes, there are not less than 2 hours of fights (the same old flying people stuff) and songs. In the remaining 40 minutes where some conversation happens, to justify the tagline “Made in Chennai” Prabhas speaks in Tamil (which he speaks exactly in the way he says his Telugu lines – so that atleast you can’t criticize him for speaking a language you don’t understand – clever move!!!). The rest of the time when he does speak Telugu, he somehow makes it work at times but is highly inconsistent as he slips back into his old mode of delivery regularly. I had to write all this stuff simply because my hands refuse to move on the keyboard to describe the plot. Anyways, that was Bujjigadu summed up.

Hmm…What else did I forget?? Oh…yes, watch out for Prabhas say “Darling” and Mohanbabu use Hindi gaalis combined with some English – if the rest of the movie didn’t make you bang your head against a wall, this definitely will! There was a exodus of people running out of the theatre whenever the songs came on….not because they were bad but to prepare themselves for an extended fight scene which would immediately follow after that. It was not like I had great expectations from Bujjigadu but I never expected it to be headache inducing. Maybe a more capable star than Prabhas would have made this one sail through.

There are some laughs which Bujjigadu delivers at times but that is not good enough justification to sit through this one….unless you are a die-hard fan of Prabhas or Puri Jagannadh.

P.S. Coming out the theatre I immediately booked a ticket for the next show of Prince Caspian (which I actually never intended to see in the first place) to neutralize the Bujjigadu effect.


1. madhuswetha VARMA - May 27, 2008

hai prabhas ur bujjigadu is simply super

hello my dear kshatriya(raju)

born to rule
grown to conqure

2. rads - May 27, 2008

hehe, I had major crush on Prabhaas in varsham. I still think he’s cte but needs some major revamping of style.

3. Shujath - May 28, 2008

“Major revamping of style” reminded me something I forgot to write earlier….for those who see this movie, watch out for that jeans pant (or whatever) he wears – seriously felt like gifting him a new wardrobe!

4. Vasanth - June 3, 2008

I find that your comments on Bujjigadu and Prabhas are very lopsided and partial. Prabhas has given a very good performance and has been praised for his performance in various media. When you say that there are fights for nearly 2 hours, it conveys how fair you are in your review. I wouldn’t say the movie is extraordinary, but to say that the movie is a headache is totally rubbish. Pls. be impartial in your review.

5. sandeep - June 27, 2008

hello sir can any one tell me the tamil song used by prabhas {un magal vanda ] smthng taken from which movie from tamil bcos the song is really good. my yahoo id is sandeep_boost@yahoo.co.in i will be thnk ful i any one answers me

6. Shujath - June 27, 2008

That movie is Azhagiya Tamil Magan featuring Vijay and scored by A.R Rahman. I like that song very much too!

7. akasha ramanna - July 2, 2008

thanx ra mama

8. Lotri - July 15, 2009

Thank you for song 😉
But I have another question – I heard that song also in “Pithamagan” that is 2003 and Azhagiya Tamil Magan is 2007, so… does anybody know what is it orginally form? In Pithamagan it sounds quite old…

9. dolphin - March 16, 2010

thank you for the info on tamil song. was searching for it!

10. Surya...SuryaPraveen - June 4, 2012

Thank you, sandeep, Shujath & Lotri. When I’m searching for this tamil song I found from this page.

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