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Kantri May 11, 2008

Posted by Shujath in Movies, Reviews, Telugu.
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Despite impressing everyone last year with Yamadonga, NTR had people talking about his drastic weight loss and that it was a bit too much – he’s lost his charm etc. Now that one has gotten used to him in that avatar, his newest offering Kantri actually is the first film of his which you can watch without wondering if he is too fat or too thin. Kantri is a regular formula film – albeit shot better than others in this genre with a nice plot twist (inspired from a movie of course!) to make you think that you’ve seen something different from the ordinary.

Kranti aka Kantri (NTR) is a vagabond who joins a gang of baddies headed by PR (Prakash Raj). Now the movie begins with a young PR cheating and killing some folks for money, so you can guess there has to be some link between Kranti and PR. There are quite a bunch of baddies here (Ashish Vidhyarthi, Murli Sharma, Sayaji Shinde) who exist just to give a reason for the fight sequences. In between there are some nice comic moments – Krishna Bhagwan’s thread was the best of them all. Ali and Sunil are also good in a few scenes. Raghubabu as usual gets the same role as the villain’s comic sidekick and he is good too.

This film seems to have been made as a conscious attempt increase NTR’s audience base. If you go in expecting a regular NTR flick you’ll come out impressed as this is quite a stylized upgrade to the stuff he’s been doing until now. There are also some lines which explicitly speak about “class”ifying him to put across the point. Since this film is about NTR he does everything expected of him in style. The lengthy dialogues (with references to taathaiyya of course!), the fights and most importantly the dances. This time the moves which leave you wonderstruck are in the songs “Vayassunami” (reused from Vijay’s Pokkiri) and “I go crazy”. The only thing good about Hansika and Tanisha are that they aren’t hanging around for too long. Mani Sharma’s tunes are good and all the songs are nicely picturized. Owing to the “class”ification the fights also seem a bit restrained (in terms of flying people) when compared to other flicks. Meher Ramesh (quite a popular Kannada film director) makes a neat debut.

Finally, if you are a fan of NTR, Kantri is the summer-special treat you’ve been waiting for….if you aren’t then atleast you won’t crib about him for once.


1. Necron - May 12, 2008

Pathetic movie ! Your review seems a bit biassed 😉

2. Shujath - May 12, 2008

Well Necron….an NTR film needs to be seen with certain assumptions/expectations in mind. If one does not have this “bias”, then one can never really like it. I’ll still say that purely going by the flicks he has done before this is definitely among the top 3.

3. necronreturns - May 12, 2008

top 3?? oh..wait a minute!..u mean to say its in the league of aadi n simhadri? i think yamadonga is quite better than this..anywayz evryone has his or her own views…dont mind!

4. dj - May 15, 2008

Hey guys i liked your blog.
I liked what you said on your ‘About’ page. “We do not intend to pass judgments but we do try to assess, appreciate and constructively criticize films as we see and understand them.” I really like that one because once a great man said ” Criticizers are those who know the price of everything and value of nothing.” I hope you understand and connect what I’m trying to say and by the way why dont you make some short movies to pursue your FIRST LOVE.Thats just a suggestion though.
Rock on.

5. Sai - May 17, 2008

DJ, Thanks for the appreciation!

6. rads - May 27, 2008

ooo, okay! Didnt hear the songs until last Saturday when hemachandra sang “ek baar” during mani Sharma’s concert. Folks were clamoring for encores, which didn’t happen anyway, but I thought the number was a good foot-tapping one.
..or maybe it was hemachandra’s whole persona on stage.

So the Jr’s grown into NTR eh? 🙂

7. Sai - May 28, 2008

I didn’t enjoy this one too much but I didn’t mind it either.

The positives include the music (I liked Vayassunami very much while the title track crooned in part by Tarak and Ammaha appealed as well), dances (as always with NTR’s films), some of the comedy, the fight sequences which had variety and rarely involve flight, the much talked about twist (which is new if you haven’t seen previous films from other languages that use it and predictable if you have) and Tarak (expectedly everything revolves around him).

The negatives include the horrible romantic track (lifted from the much maligned Lindsay Lohan starrer Just My Luck), unbearable attempts at emoting from Hansika (Tanisha who isn’t good herself seems much better in comparison) and other minor things that just don’t work.

In the past, director Mehar Ramesh acted as Mahesh’s sidekick in Bobby and directed the Kannada remake of Puri Jagannath’s dismal NTR starrer Andhrawala that actually worked at the Karnataka box office. His debut as a director in Tollywood isn’t scintillating but it isn’t bad either. He seems to have tried to design this film on the lines of Pokiri. Elements like the surprise before the abrupt climax and the gang wars reminded me of that film. The effect isn’t the same though.

One notable difference in this film is that it isn’t as loud as other revenge sagas starring Tarak and is differentiable from them. Therefore, it could appeal to a larger audience (some of whom he gained with Yamadonga). This is watchable if you fall in this category and there aren’t better options for a movie night.

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