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Jalsa April 5, 2008

Posted by Shujath in Movies, Reviews, Telugu.
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Imagine this – Srinu Vytla has just finished scripting a film with Ravi Teja in the lead. He goes through it once and thinks “Hey, this thing is just like my previous flicks…hmm…the humor looks pretty ok. I am not great at conceiving well rounded plots but this one seems even worse than the ones I’ve done before. Maybe I need to take a break and start again”. He then throws this script into the dustbin.

Somehow (don’t ask how) this thing ends up in Trivikram’s hand. He goes through it too and thinks “nothing great in this one but still a pity it’s ended up in someone’s dustbin. Wait a second…I am quite free now, maybe I can use this one…just need to spruce it up a bit with some of my dialogues. Oh…most importantly, who should I make this with? I’ve already worked with Mahesh last. Who else is there in the same league??? Pawan!!! but why would he do a script like this one? On second thoughts – why wouldn’t he! He hasn’t had a hit for seven long years and this one can atleast be the minimum guarantee film he might be looking for. Let’s call him then”. That was for you the untold story behind the making of Jalsa – remember…you read it here first.

Now let’s come to the actual film itself. I absolutely had no clue the kind of frenzy this film had generated until I came across the crazy advance booking lines a few days back. Touted to be the biggest South Indian release ever (in terms of the number of theatres/prints etc..) Jalsa had a lot of hopes pinned on it. The obvious question – does it live up to the hype? A screeching nooooooooo!

Is it then a really bad film? Not exactly. Like I mentioned before, if a certain person would have had second thoughts about throwing the script away, the same movie would have opened to extremely positive reviews. Anyways, there’s no use of talking what this film could have been. I don’t know what else is there to write about this film. You’ve seen all this before umpteen times – the same actors doing the same things all over again. Of course, since this a Trivikram film you’ll have some of those cheeky dialogues and funny sequences but they can’t bear the burden of a sloppy film like this. Even the familiar Devisri Prasad tunes, which sound quite catchy (especially the chart-topping title track) completely lose their sheen on screen.

Pawan Kalyan’s only consolation might be that this one won’t bomb at the box office and at best clear his post-Khushi track record. For me the best thing about Jalsa were it’s nicely done hoardings put up all over the place. So, finally – should you go and watch Jalsa? I would say yes – but after 2-3 weeks when the hype finally comes to terms with the film’s content.



1. Prasanna kumar - May 4, 2008

Everybody I am Prasanna.
Firstly I would Like pavankalyan very much.I will see his each movie at least 5 times..but Jalsa was disappointed me somuch.
It doest not have minimum Requirements also..No relation b/w each screen.Songs are good when u listen outside.But movie songs are directed very badly…plz try to make good movies which will entertain people minimum.

2. Sai - May 8, 2008

It was hard to forget Pawan Kalyan’s last hit, Khushi when I watched this film. It seemed to echo throughout as many popular elements from that film (not to forget the Vaitla inspirations) are incorporated but they don’t work as well here. It makes you wonder if writer-director Trivikram Srinivas had to put up with some major interference because this seems to be an arbitrarily put together script. You could easily add and delete to the film and no one would notice.

You are right on target when you say that this film has nothing new to offer. The basic outline of the story is the same as every second telugu film starring a big hero in recent years. Hero and heroine fall in love, hero has a past that is hinted at but is just set up to be unveiled by the interval, post-interval is the flashback followed by a tug-of-war with the villain and a happy and victorious climax for the hero. It is sort of sad the way the film ends up because the Naxal angle had promise (and the message, if there was any, does not come through).

Pavan Kalyan is better here than in recent films but not as good as he was in Khushi. Ileana’s work is enhanced by ‘Colors’ Swathi’s dubbing which suited the cute, dumb girl role very well. Parvathi Melton is not required at all in this film. Prakash Raj and Brahmanandam feature in some of the good comic moments.

While Devi Sri Prasad comes up with some foot-tapping tunes that are on everyone’s lips (and played a major part in the box office success of this film too), the songs are a disappointment from the visual perspective. Crazy camera work and absurd editing in You and I, Ileana inexplicably dancing to KK’s voice in My Heart is Beating (was Pawan unavailable?) and the use of Chalore Chalore in the background while Prakash Raj and Pavan Kalyan walk are some of the prime examples of wasting DSP and Sirivennela Sitarama Sastry’s work.

This eccentric concoction focusses on satisfying Pavan Kalyan fans (some of whom are still disappointed, based on Prasanna Kumar’s comment). Trivikram reaches his goal in dishing out the first real post-Khushi khushi to Pavan Kalyan but he definitely does himself a disservice. This film doesn’t match the hype but it is moderately enjoyable (largely due to the comic moments and the music) if you lower your expections and prepare for a directionless masala entertainer. Anyone expecting sense can surely avoid it.

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10. grus - September 13, 2010

Thanks for the review. It was very amusing 😀
I’m just in the middle of Jalsa. As of now, I’m enjoying Pawan’s performance and some of the comedy but the direction is very poor. The film is definitely to lenghty for its own (and my :P)good. There’s not enough content in it for almost 3 hours.

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