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Gamyam April 5, 2008

Posted by Shujath in Movies, Reviews, Telugu.
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Thanks to the lack of a proper blockbuster in Tollywood lately, the only movies which create some buzz are the “surprise hits” like Mantra, Anasuya etc. Gamyam is the latest one to join the party. These films can rightfully claim to be different however the not-so-good part of this story is that they fail to go beyond “being different”.

Gamyam is a well-intentioned film – it tries to hammer home the point that real life is lived in the midst of people sharing their joys and sorrows and an isolated materialistic existence isn’t the way to be. But when every sequence is conceived in a way where at the end someone gets to preach a few lines about the same, you can’t help but feel the overdose. Agreed – there is some good dialogue here and there and some well-crafted scenes but on the whole Gamyam isn’t that great a film some people have made it out to be. Yet there are quite a few things which work for this flick – the road movie format…something you don’t get to see often, the short runtime…just over 2 hours, the lighthearted feel for most of the portions and competent performances from the lead protagonists.

This film seems to have breathed back life into Allari Naresh’s career and everyone is raving about his character “Gaali Seenu” – the boisterous supporting character is always the audience’s favorite. But for me it was Sharwanand who made a big impression. This is the first time I’ve seen him on screen and he does really well. There are some raw edges actingwise but he has a great screen presence to pull off a lead role. He surely has big things in store for him. Kamalini actually has something of an extended guest appearance and her role seems to have been put in place by gathering pieces left out at the editing desk of Sekhar Kammula’s previous flicks. Director Radhakrishna (who likes to be known as Krish and conveys that in both the start and end credits) makes an okay debut.

Watchable – without high expecations. Actually let me confess – while watching this movie I was more excited about catching Jalsa today and that may also be the reason I didn’t find Gamyam too appealing.


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