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Mithya February 14, 2008

Posted by Shujath in Hindi, Movies, Reviews.
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Loosely translated as “illusion”, Mithya happens to be the first film of the year which has the critics raving about it (going by the initial reviews Jodhaa Akbar seems to be next in line).

At first glance when you catch a promo of Mithya it gives the impression of being a low budget tongue-in-cheek take on a story like that of Don. The initial moments too pretty much confirm the same but an hour into the film you realize it is going to be anything but that. To put it crudely, this is more closer to let’s say Don caught in a Paheli-esque conundrum. I won’t describe the plot any further because that surely would strip away most of the surprises in the story. Rather than simply being a smart film with interesting twists it really touches you in the latter half…as you cannot help but sympathize with the protagonist (Ranvir Shorey). The situations he is caught in, the consequences he faces and his response to it are all brought out beautifully. I felt a bit depressed for quite a while after watching this.

The ever dependable Ranvir Shorey makes the most of his first full-fledged leading role to full effect and with the supporting cast of Vinay Pathak, Naseeruddin Shah, Neha Dhupia, Iravati, Saurabh Shukla, Harsh Chaya (and others who I haven’t mentioned) it is tough to go wrong. Rajat Kapoor (who earlier made Raghu Romeo and Mixed Doubles) does a great job of writing and directing this flick. He relies mostly on his situations and actors where in such films the general tendency of filmmakers is to try and be pretentiously quirky. Thankfully, producer Arindam Chaudhury seems to have made a wise decision to not make a film whose script is derived from “market research techniques” (whatever that phrase meant!).

Overall, a very justified addition to the much coveted list of “critically acclaimed” Bollywood flicks.


1. shakirhyd - March 14, 2008

I dont know, but I did not somehow enjoy the movie … probably because I went in with the hang over of Bheja Fry, which was clearly one of the best movies of last year. Perhaps, I thought this would be a comedy as well, errr….was it a comedy … I’d be surprised if someone said that to me! Bottom line, I did not get what I wanted from a Vinay Pathak – Ranvir Shorey – Rajat Kapoor movie.


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