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The Golden Compass January 28, 2008

Posted by Shujath in English, Movies, Reviews.
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Honestly, I think this is one of the better fantasy movies to have come out in recent times but because of it’s lukewarm box-office response (given it $180 million budget) the producers have not yet decided whether to go ahead with the sequels….since it’s meant to be a trilogy based on Philip Pullman’s “His Dark Materials”. If the sequels are not going to be made then watching this film should be a worthless pursuit because all that happens in this flick towards the end is that the stage is set for the real story in the sequels (very similar to the kind of climax in “The Fellowship of the Ring”).

The plot is pretty interesting involving parallel universes (which reminds me of a ridiculous Jet Li film called “The One” that featured the concept of multiple universes). In the universe where the film is set people have accompanying souls (called daemons) in the form of talking animals. A certain Lord Asriel (Daniel Craig) starts to investigate other “parallel universes” and the “dust” which allows communcation between them against the wishes of the establishment called Magesterium. This “Magesterium” was supposed to represent the “Church” and hence was the cause of controversy in the book and was the only reason this movie had a little pre-release hype. Anyways, going back to the story there is this girl Lyra (Dakota Blue Richards) who sets in search of her friends who were “gobbled”; along with a mysterious lady Coulter (Nicole Kidman). Lyra’s quest and the way it’s related to Lord Asriel’s is what the rest of the movie revolves around.

This one is not fast paced as you’d like to expect from a fantasy/adventure flick but I found the plot quite interesting which made me overlook certain other aspects. The visual effects are as expected in a movie like this. Most of the screen time is given to the cute protagonist Dakota Richards who does really well to carry the film on her shoulders. As I said before you might want to watch this once you get the news of the sequels being confirmed otherwise you’ll end up with more questions than answers (for which you’d have to read the books!)



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