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Rush Hour 3 January 16, 2008

Posted by Sai in English, Movies, Reviews.
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Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker (who was overpaid for replaying the only role that he has in the last decade) reteam with director Brett Rattner to deliver the third film in the Rush Hour franchise. The film made some money at the box office but was far less successful than its predecessors. Did I hear someone add “thankfully”?

The plot is all too familiar. An assassination attempt on a Chinese ambassador brings Chan and Tucker together to investigate. A little slapstick, some mildly funny scenes, a few Chan style action sequences, a couple of good looking women on the screen, a bit of travel, a lot of boring interludes and finally the bad guys are done away with.

Simply put, this is quite a boring endeavor if you’ve seen the first two films. I really couldn’t recollect much of the film an hour after I saw it. Yes, I laughed a few times and its always nice to see Jackie Chan’s action sequences but the material is too familiar and repetitive despite the six year gap. Watch it only if you are a big fan of the series (or if you are on a long flight as I was).


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