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Taare Zameen Par – Every Child Is Special December 28, 2007

Posted by Shujath in Hindi, Movies, Reviews.
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There is a scene in Taare Zameen Par when the protagonist Ishaan (Darsheel Safary) runs away from school and loiters on the road for the whole day – for the fear of being punished for not having done his homework. I never did anything like that in school but keep doing it regularly once I started work. The comparison might not be warranted but this is just one of those scenes which made me relate to Ishaan’s plight in the movie.

On paper, this is the story of a kid suffering from dyslexia and how with the help of an understanding teacher he overcomes it against all odds. But honestly (and more importantly) this is an open indictment of our education system and parents…and their frenzy to produce “winners”. There have been films in the past like Bommarillu and Good Will Hunting which have tackled the issue of an individual’s own inclinations coming in conflict the rest-of-the-world’s perception of what is best for them. Taare is probably more timely and significant because it deals with a phase of life where one is hardly aware of a thing called “choice”/”interest”/”inclination” and so is very likely to shrivel and retreat into a shell (too young to understand that he/she is just different but not wrong)….when figures of authority simply pronounce judgements rather than trying to understand the problem an individual is facing.

The incidents involving the teacher-student interactions depicted in this movie are so relevant in today’s times when you get to see and hear on television at regular intervals innovative punishments like electric shocks being doled out to students. There are particularly heart rending moments like the whole initial boarding school sequence – set to the song “Tujhe Sab To Pata Hai Na Maa” which covey the unspoken emotions of a child separated from his mother when he most needs her. It’s been a long time since I had tears in my eyes (for the right reasons) when watching a film – No emotional manipulation here thankfully!

Aamir Khan and Amol Gupte (Writer and Creative Director) have crafted a wonderful film which hits you hard – whether you are a child or a parent/teacher. This film would not be complete without a special mention for Shankar Ehsaan Loy (Music), Prasoon Joshi (whose lyrics convey more than the actual dialogue in the movie) and the technical crew (for some great visual effects). Of course, above all this film could not exist without Darsheel Safary – who hardly speaks in the movie but his portrayal of the moods and emotions of an 8 year old kid are stunning to say the least. Aamir Khan in a supporting role delivers a heartfelt and wonderful performance – easily his best in recent times. Another supporting role which deserves special mention is of Tisca Chopra (who plays Ishaan’s mother).

Certain cinematic cliches can be forgiven here for this film is trying to say something more bigger. Thank You Aamir for Taare Zameen Par. I felt so much better after watching this. This is a movie which a child may or may not understand but one which every parent/teacher should watch to understand their child.


1. victor green - January 3, 2008

I fully agreeTZP is best film I have every seen. Darsheel should win all major awards in LEAD Male role catagory. Not be awarded sometihing like ‘Best Child Newcomer’. After all these awards should not be reserved only SRKes & Bachchaans.

2. abhinav1182 - January 3, 2008

I think you have over-blown Taare Zameen Par.While I thought the movie was beautiful as long as it chronicled Ishaan’s world,the stark contrast between Ram Shankar Nikhumb’s character and Ishaan’s fathers character didnt go down well with me.For a film that was as non-cinematic as this,to take shelter in melodrama was a really weak ploy by Aamir.Also,to say that is Aamir’s best performance in recent times is completely ignoring his talents.In my opinion this is one of his weakest performances(perhaps due to the sketching of the character) in a long time.

3. Shujath - January 3, 2008

I actually agree that Nikumbh’s and Ishaan’s father’s characters were based on cinematic stereotypes of the “cool teacher” and “overbearing father” respectively. In fact, the same could be said about the teachers’ roles too. But for me, these were details I chose to ignore because Ishaan’s characterization was the crux of the movie and was too overpowering which made me look over the other ones.

Maybe the fact that Aamir just has 3-4 major sequences which are pretty much similar in nature give you the impression that it was a “weak performance” but I loved it because he was so earnest and natural here….I didn’t find his so-called overhyped “method-acting” in this movie.

4. abhinav1182 - January 4, 2008

Its not as much the ‘number’ of meaty sequences as opposed to the way the character has been conceived that loses Aamir points in my opinion.Yes,it was earnest and natural but certainly not his best in recent times.It was too ‘white’ for my liking,almost giving it the feel of a saint.

5. unknown - January 5, 2008

I just saw this movie last night and half way after the intermission, I started crying and barely stopped until it was over. It was probably one of my favorite movies of all times. I agree that this movie is one that every parent and teacher should watch. As a teacher, there are so many lessons I got out of it, and I would have to agree that Aamir’s acting was outstanding. I would recommend this film to anyone. It truly was amazing.

6. Mika - January 5, 2008

i agree wif victor green comment plz stop reserve award for SRKes & Bachchaans and family. This Year best actor should go to Darsheel… Aamir as the best director..

7. Shakir - January 6, 2008

@ Abhinav

Perhaps because Aamir does not have a meaty role, it’s reflected as a “not so power-packed performance”.

But, that’s a credit to him. It could have been so easy for him to overshadow Ishaan, but it was such a subtle performance.

Although, this can definitely not qualify for one of Aamir’s best performances (or even in recent times), unfortunately for his character.

8. Gururaj Moorching - January 9, 2008

Why compare SRK or Amitabh or any one else or why even talk about them when they themselves were appreciated while doing their job well. They are acheivers in their own right.
Just enjoy watching a good film like TZP and savour the feeling.
Can you not do that?
The appreciation for Darsheel, who I think is a born actor, a prodigy, by film lovers is itself an award.
If one can understand their children better, and give them the life they deserve that in itself is a big award for Darsheel or Aamir, for lovers for Darsheel and Aamir.

9. Tweety - January 10, 2008

I watched this movie last weekend and I was impressed at Aamir’s work and Darsheel’s action. The film appeared to be very realistic and I agree that Aamir did a great job in not overshadowing the role of Ishaan.

10. Gosay - January 14, 2008

nice, i scribbled: no child is special, because, no fucking parent is special. and no child is special, children are children, people dont know how to live civilised, people don’t know how to treat other humans with dignity and respect. people are feared of freedom, as they dont know how to be free. this abuse will keep going, the fathers does it to his son, and the son does it his son, because, they do this to themselves. so movies like these are all entertainment, and people love watching it. like a barking dog that never bites, like me.

11. Gosay - January 14, 2008

a wallpaper i made, in tribute to bring to notice/awareness.

12. Sai - January 14, 2008

The best hindi film that I’ve seen in the last year. It ain’t perfect but the crop this year wasn’t exceptional.

Aamir does a terrific job as director in his first attempt. There are so many beautiful images and moments in the film where his talent comes to the fore. He makes sure that the common man can understand the film and its message without dumbing down the narrative. He also extracts a superb performance from Darsheel Safary without which the film might not have had the same impact. Darsheel is a revelation and his work is right there with the top performances of 2007. Tisca Chopra and Aamir play adequate supporting parts.

Writer Amol Gupte is the brain behind this film (and was originally supposed to direct it). Without his initiative, research and script, this film wouldn’t exist. However, as usual, the media is preoccupied with giving the credit to the biggest star in the project. I hope that Amol doesn’t get lost in this madness.

Prasoon Joshi’s lyrics are exceptional and succinctly convey so much (as you have correctly pointed out, they convey more than the dialogue in the film). Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy’s score is in sync with the film. They manage to deliver lasting tunes that are pleasantly different from the average hindi film. Maa and Taare Zameen Par stand out in the soundtrack for the lyrical and musical value as well as the singing (Shankar Mahadevan). Mera Jahan (scored by Shailendra Barve and written by Amol) is delightful too. Special mention for ad filmmaker Ram Madhvani (who also made a feature film called Let’s Talk starring Boman Irani) for directing the Bheja Kam number.

The true worth of this thought-provoking film is in its educational value. The film educates the audience about dyslexia and promotes the idea that every child should be treated with love and respect despite his or her faults. A deeper look at the film brings out a bigger picture. The underlying theme is identifiable to anyone who is looked upon as “different”. Too often, at least in this country, it seems that people live their lives based on templates. They follow the examples of others rather than letting their thinking lead them. One of the problems then is that anything or anyone that does not match the common templates is thought to be “different” or “abnormal” in a negative sense. Even people who are different, adapt over time and conform to what society considers normal or standard. Not the sort of environment that creates or promotes a thinker or a genius or anyone that truly stands out from the crowd and has the ability to set an example for others. Nevertheless, some are able to overcome these barriers and achieve exactly what they want to. This film, therefore, helps promote the thought that being different, in whatever way, isn’t exactly abnormal or wrong.

Aamir and Amol make a positive feel-good commercially-viable film that does not intend to be starkly realistic. This might stand out as a sore point for some. However, I believe it was the right decision because the film has an important message, one that needs to reach the common audience and not just the intelligentsia.

Highly recommended!

13. Lalita.S - January 18, 2008

Loved Shujath’s review and Sai’s final comment. Loved the film too despite small flaws[caricaturization of some teachers].

Amol Gupte is not being ignored by the media since they are well aware of his immense contribution to the film.The media has featured some interviews with Amole and his editor-conceptualizer wife Deepa Bhatia.Today’s mid-day site has an interview with Amole, where he talks about his next film, one that he will be directing; it is another children-centric film. Read about it at:

Amole says in his interview that his new film will not feature Aamir[‘we still have cordial relations’], but star- csat will be determined by new film’s need.The other day Deepa said in another interview, that they were the mother figures of TZP and Aamir the film’s father. Sadly, Gupte and wife have not chosen to be part of the film’s post-production and publicity.TZP is a film where every dept has done its bit in contributing to a fine film. Anyway, Amole’s next film will be eagerly awaited.From Aamir, of course, expectations are always high.

14. Zachi - November 25, 2008

This film could do with about half an hour edited out. The underlying message is: remove child from public school and parents, place in private school, add hot young teacher, make letters out of play dough for 2 weeks and hey presto! Dyslexia cured!
Gimme a break!

15. alvin - March 2, 2009

wow wattah beautiful movie…

i want congrats the producer and the director of the movie and also the cast…

ohh thats a great movie..

how touch… it touch the viewers heart…

thanks for the movie and more blessings 2 come…


16. acel - September 11, 2009

it is really a wonderful story…

very realistic..

It captivates the heart of every viewer..

17. Korinla - February 18, 2010

its nice and funny movie . When i see it i was happy.I advise you to watch it because I want you to enjoy.Happy Time.

whitney tiger - January 8, 2012

it’s always the best film for me

18. Jason ver melocotones - August 19, 2010

What strategy did aamir used in teaching the child with dyslexia?

19. stephanie cilocilo - March 5, 2011

the movie sees the best in every child even at his any condition and that every one deserves a room for understanding.. care is an another way of showing love!

20. nick - June 12, 2011

Thanks, i really like the video so much! From the Philippines.

21. jayr - June 19, 2011

wow the best movie of all time..

22. SharLAnd - June 23, 2011

the movie was so awesome…i really , really love it..Aamir was so natural and an effective actor..LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!

23. jessel jamorol - June 26, 2011

..it is a very best movie ,,i ever see..,it was very fantastic movie ..

me - September 29, 2011

i believe it is the best movie but it is not fantastic………it can be in reality..

24. dhonna estoque potestas - July 5, 2011

yes !nice movie jud cia…
simple but valuable..

eveestenzo - July 10, 2011

i super love the story also the cast and makers………..so congrats to the cast and makers espicially the director aamir khan

25. jeng - July 10, 2011

i think, the essence in th role of the mothers isnt portrays well. i mean, it wasn’t really emphasize well her role.
i couldnt feel her role as Ishaan’s mother… there’s lacking.
and i think the important part is how the teacher intervene in the story which was wholly emphasize well.

26. Joe Conson - July 11, 2011

The movie was so great. Every child/person has his own talent. Each one of us is unique. Other people may not understand it yet everyone deserves to be treated well. Everyone is special and not just those who are famous. Great job… Im looking forward for similar films.

27. christian palaran - July 14, 2011

i agree this is the very best film… I’ve learned a lot…. this movie thought me to dream more… I started crying and barely stopped until it was over. It was probably one of my favorite movies of all times. I agree that this movie is one that every parent and teacher should watch. ……good,excellent,wonderful……

28. cheela^^ - July 14, 2011

ow! 🙂 i really really love the movie.
very inspiring. ! 🙂 ♥♥♥

29. dean ver - August 11, 2011

i like this movie because its funny and sad…hahahahaha

30. ricci - August 16, 2011

wew nmn si ishaan

31. katleyah - August 27, 2011

it’s so very nice movie

32. ciazy - August 31, 2011

the movie only implicates that if a child isn’t normal like others, we must not lose hope on them because every child is special. God created every individual either normal or not with such wonderful talents, skills and ability. Everyone is made to be precious that is why instead of hurting or maltreating people like Ishaan they must then be loved and cared and simply appreciate the beauty beyond their being special. Thus they must then be treated fairly, humanly and with kindness because though they are not normal they can also feel hurt and lonesomeness however with good treatments their world will surely be much more meaningful and truly they will feel the sense of belongingness, acceptance and love

33. aibemark - August 31, 2011

love this movie,,,

34. aibemark - August 31, 2011


35. Nona Mae L. Melanio - September 6, 2011

The movie was so awakening. It shows a realistic story that really affected me. I”m looking forward to see it again. I really admire the writer’s wit doing such great story.

36. vietnam rose - September 7, 2011

What a wonderful,educational,heartwarming movie!! I encourage every mother and every teacher to watch this movie to learn and understand how critical and significant your every action and every word to your children and learners– you either build them or break them.Watch the movie and you will understand and love and praise God for your child,all the more…. Watch this movie fellow teachers…do not be a part of a conspiracy in killing learners’ heart and future.

37. allyssa - September 17, 2011

I really really love the movie it is because of the characters,,,,
❤ 🙂

38. allyssa - September 17, 2011


39. allyssa - September 17, 2011


40. Cristine Mae - September 25, 2011

awesome….I was really amazed!!!!!!
i really loved the movie produced by AAMIR KHAN…

41. ANTONIETTE GAYO - September 30, 2011


42. aldrenceprado - September 30, 2011

I watched this movie last weekend on our Film Showing @ school… and I was impressed at Aamir’s work and Darsheel’s action. The film appeared to be very realistic and I agree that Aamir did a great job in not overshadowing the role of Ishaan.

43. Lilet - October 8, 2011

My First time to watch this movie was just last night, can’t help but cry, so touching, I can relate on this movie so much.. I’ve been a public school teacher for almost 20 years now, and yes there are lot of kids in our public school who suffered that kind of learning disability and many are ignored by teachers, humiliated , given no attention by school authorities even by the Department. I hope to those teachers who witnessed this movie, will make this film be an instrument of reminding us of our roles , let us not kill their future, they are the most important visitors in our school,they are the reason why we exist..

44. noemie - October 10, 2011

A very touching story.. It will make your heart cry!!!

45. claremiah - October 19, 2011

ohh my,,i really really like this film,,i touches my heart,,it makes me cry,,nice show

46. Rayjhun Vasquez - October 31, 2011

” I really love the movie.. You can deeply feel the emotions portraited by the characters.. that can really leave a mark on every viewers heart about the value of every one especially the children.” =)

47. vincent - November 18, 2011

I saw this movie a year ago, at my 56th year and realized that I have the same condition from birth only then! I was partly relieved to know that I am not plain stupid but at the same felt cheated by my parents, bros, sisters and the society in general! Since then I have watched this movie several times just to console myself that this condition made me who I am and I could not have done much myself to correct the situation. My wife refuses to beilieve that have it as I am been great at covering up my condition

48. julius - November 24, 2011

♥ ^_^

49. kayne - December 28, 2011

i really like the movie…,,..,its so nakakaiyak!!!!! I know many people can relate the movie…love it!!!!!!!i really enjoy watching!!!!!!!!!!!……..

50. whitney tiger - January 8, 2012

whoa……………………….i almost cried a bucket of tears upon watching it………………… i wanna see the characters of this movie as soon as possible……………. whoa,,,,,,,,,i can no longer hold my emotion… ^_^ ^_^

51. kenz - January 10, 2012

sure its not ithink because i watch u in the c.r

52. kenz - January 10, 2012

hehehe lets have a sex withney

53. claude kit angelo j. amores - January 26, 2012

i agree to all of your comments i like the movei to this is th first movei i haved watch that i cry this movei touched my heart 🙂 i want all of my classmates could wath this wonderfull movei thank you and more power to all the veiwers to this movei every child is special i’m claude kit angelo j. amores from bobon n. samar

54. claude kit angelo j. amores - January 26, 2012

pls watch this

55. meg - February 8, 2012

I really Love this movie ………. when we watch this in school my tears is upon my eyes…. this movie is really wonderful and meaningful … PLS. wwatch it 🙂

56. rishkie amir - February 24, 2012

,.,, its very inspiring,.,.,
i love to watch this movie,,.
grabe ! ,.,., tears upon my eyes,.,.
ilove it,.,.

57. rishkie amir - February 24, 2012

,.., ilove this movie.,.,
this is very inspiring,.,.
tears upon my eyes,.,.

58. irish mae palgue - February 24, 2012

i love this movie,,,
it is inspiring,.,,..,

59. bunny - February 29, 2012

i love the movie… i cried a lot.. i was so touched…

60. cute... - March 16, 2012

very good movie..hope that many people should watched this…like####

61. Richmon allan - March 22, 2012

as I’d watch the movie entitled every child is special. i can say that its really realistic and that can be considered as an inspiration to other that is also suffering on this kind of situation and also for the other people to understand these kinds of individual b’coz i far as I’m concern this type of people are smart it is just misunderstood by others………………………………………………………………….

62. gilbert - May 19, 2012

Wonderful movie!…:)

63. lam sai - July 16, 2012

this movie shares a very good understanding in life that can never cast away : its how you value a person

64. Rotchel C. - July 26, 2012

I realy lve the movie,..it makes me realize that all of us is good..and no matter hu u are it tells that you are special..lke it

65. Joann Noya - August 14, 2012

…Its a very nice movie,..EVER…wew!..Love it..

66. Elden Grace - September 7, 2012

yeah i really love that movie,.. so touching

67. beverly sargento - October 14, 2012

super love this movie many lesson we can get when we watching this movie we all cry so touch!!!!!!!!!!!! we want part 2

68. Ryan - November 20, 2012

super love and like this movie! when i and my friends watched this, i cant stop crying especially when he won for his painting!

69. lea - February 2, 2013

nice movie nakakatouch.

70. lenoj - February 18, 2013

it is one of the best movie i’ve watched to include 3 idiots,,,this really gives a moral lesson…

71. zasheen - August 22, 2013

i love this movie..

72. rayan macstone - February 25, 2014

where is the settings?

73. renalynalsado - February 20, 2018

the antagonist of the story

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