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Bhool Bhulaiyaa October 29, 2007

Posted by Shujath in Hindi, Movies, Reviews.
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First a bit of history for those who don’t know. Originally made by Fazil in Malayalam as Manichitrathazu, which was then remade in Kannada by P. Vasu as Apthamithra (still considered to be the biggest hit in Kannada cinema) who again remade it in Tamil/Telugu with Rajnikanth as Chandramukhi. Vasu was supposed to remake it again in Hindi with Amitabh Bachchan but Priyan finally ended up doing it.

If you have seen any of these movies previously then Bhool Bhulaiyya hasn’t anything more nor less to offer. Otherwise it’s a pretty interesting watch provided you don’t end up scrutinizing it for loopholes. A haunted mansion in some village scares everyone living around that place for it is supposed to be inhabited by the ghost of a court dancer who’s waiting to avenge the death of her lover by killing the king who happened to cause all her misery. Certain sightings by a few villagers and a few unexplained happenings strengthen the legend. Now arrives the new “king” Siddharth (Shiney Ahuja) with her new wife Avni (Vidya Balan). Avni, despite opposition from Siddharth’s family wants to stay in the mansion and even ventures out into the exact place where the ghost seems to reside. Again, a new slew of incidents begin to bother everyone around with the suspicion centred on Radha (Amisha Patel) – for she has to mend a broken heart owing to Siddharth’s unannounced marriage. In comes Siddharth’s friend and psychiatrist Aditya (Akshay Kumar) who finally solves the puzzle.

The best part of this film (or the other remakes) is that it tries to be lighthearted while taking the plot along which makes sure that people don’t end up analyzing it too much. Though the efforts to make you laugh by Priyan’s usual suspects fall flat most of the times the arrival of Askhay Kumar brings in the required relief. Akshay has been doing similar stuff for the past 2-3 years but I personally felt this to be his best in recent times. He really holds the whole film together. Vidya Balan is repetitive. She seems to be doing those same textbook “performance oriented” roles on her to way to becoming a big bore like Rani Mukherji. Her performance in the climactic portions will definitely not be remembered (and endlessly parodied) like those in the south indian versions (Jyothika, Soundarya, Shobana). Amisha Patel thankfully doesn’t have to act except for a couple of scenes which is good for the film. Shiney Ahuja seems to have been given a part written for Suniel Shetty.

The unprecedentedly popular and catchy “Hare Krishna Hare Ram” (Pritam) song which appears in the end credits has now been incorporated into the movie again before Akshay’s entry. The other song which is pleasing is “Allah Hafiz”. Priyadarshan’s comic capers have not been faring too well in the recent past and his attempts to make you laugh here don’t work much either but an engaging “psychological thriller” plot more than makes up for it. You can definitely watch this.


1. abhinav1182 - October 31, 2007

Vidya balan doing performance oriented roles and on her way to becoming a big bore?
How absurd a remark is that!
this role is a polar opposite to the one she debuted in..and how do her roles in lage raho munnabhai,guru and eklavya classify as performance oriented?
And you are the first and only person I have heard saying that her performance in the end portions will not be remebered unlike Jyothika(who looked like donald duck) and Shobhana(whose over the top histrionics got mistaken for an exceptional performance)

2. Shujath - October 31, 2007

Well, regarding the climactic portions I consider Jyothika’s and Shobana’s performance better because they intentionally were meant to be hillarious keeping in sync with the lighthearted tone of the film. Both their over the top acts are precisely the reason the films are remembered today (overshadowing both superstars Rajnikanth and Mohanlal respectively). I cannot the same about Vidya Balan in Bhool Bhulaiyya.

As for Vidya, I have observed that however different her roles might be, she retains the same style of delivering her lines (like Rani Mukherji) and I find that boring. I quoted the phrase “performance oriented” to denote the kind of stuff which some of our award juries blindly turn to when they choose their picks.

3. abhinav1182 - October 31, 2007

Again I dont agree with the second bit.Her delivery of dialogues in guru differs from that in lage raho which differs a great deal from that in parineeta.But maybe of late in the last couple of films it has been the same,but I cant really think of any actress who does indeed change her delivery of dialogues in accordance with the role

4. Santosh Nair - December 7, 2007

First of all Bhool Bhulaiya is a light hearted film but we cannot compare it with the original malayalam movie “Manichitratazhu”……coz the target audience and their taste differ in many senses….

As far as comparing the acting abilities of Shobhana,Jyotika and Vidya Balan is concerned…..Shobhana is clear winner in every sense……I think my dear friend who mentioned earlier that Shobhana’s over the top histrionics got mistaken for an exceptional performance has got it wrong everywhere…i would like to bring to his notice that for this very film only she got the national award in the best actor category and she is one the finest actresses in India….so plz get the basics right before commenting…….

5. Rachana - December 13, 2007


6. Mika - January 5, 2008

VIDYA keep rockin… ur great………….

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