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The Simpsons Movie July 31, 2007

Posted by Sai in English, Movies, Reviews.

The Simpsons move on from a long stint on the television screen for a big break on the silver screen. All is not well with Springfield. The pollution in Lake Springfield is enormous and despite the town deciding to stop dumping waste into the lake, Homer dumps a silo filled with pig feces into the lake. This causes the pollution to go over the limit and the EPA decides to close the town with a glass dome. Now everyone is after Homer but he manages to escape with the family and move to Alaska. However, Springfield is in danger of being decimated and only the Simpsons can save them. Do they come back to help Springfield? Does Homer redeem himself? What happens to the plans of the EPA and the government?

The longest running American sitcom has created a large enough fan base over 18 years to record a superb initial at the box office. Most critics have observed that the movie plays much like a longer episode of the television show and I agree. As Homer observes in the film, you might not want to pay to see what you can see for free on TV. In my opinion this is worth the price of admission. It is a lot of fun and has many big laughs (my pick for the funniest scene would be Bart’s skateboarding scene). And since you have to pay to watch it the makers cram a lot of hilarious gags and dialogue into this 87 minute film (equivalent to four television episodes) making sure that you aren’t bored. The team of eleven writers as well as director David Silverman do a good job of bringing these characters successfully to the big screen and the hand-drawn animation deserves special mention. This is worth a watch if you have enjoyed the show at some point in your life.



1. santhosh - July 31, 2007

The movie was great but 87 mins still’s a bit stretchy.
Looking forward to Futurama (DVD) movie & new episodes.

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