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Happy July 21, 2007

Posted by Sai in Movies, Reviews, Telugu.

This movie is said to be the only dud so far in Allu Arjun’s film career but it isn’t a very bad movie. Bunny (Arjun) is a pizza delivery boy who changes the life of Madhumati (Genelia). Madhumati is a career-oriented goal who is on the path to becoming a doctor. However, due to an incident involving Bunny, her caste fanatic father decides to get her married to a police officer (Manoj Bajpai) and discontinue her education. Trying to correct his mistake, Bunny makes the situation worse, resulting in the two getting married. The rest of the film mainly deals with how these two warm up to each other despite their initial squabbles.

The film can be divided into three parts. The first hour seems to be arbitrarily filled with jokes, mostly poor one and scenes that take the seemingly hackneyed story forward. The direction too is old-fashioned. However, with the introduction of Manoj Bajpai, there is an improvement and writer-director Karunakaran shows his forte in the next hour. However, the action track and villains thrust into the film do not gel and these elements bring the last half hour down.

The best part of the film is the soundtrack as well as the visuals of these songs. Yuvan Shankar Raja provides some catchy tunes, the best part being the signature tune in the title song. The visuals of the first two songs (Happy, Chal Chal) are well aided by the production designer (Chinna), choreographers and the editor (Anthony), not to mention Arjun’s dancing skills. The title song is the best and has a hip-hop feel to it. The Ossa Ossa song is a typical mass number but the last three songs (Hate You, Egire Mabbullona, Nee Kosam) take the story forward and show director Karunakaran’s skills.

Allu Arjun does fine but isn’t as good in his home production as some of his other films. Genelia hams intermittently but works for the most part in a role different from her bubbly image. Manoj Bajpai seems to have enjoyed this over-the-top comic supporting role, something that he doesn’t get to do often. The only other mentionable performance is from the guy playing the bad cop.

Like with Pawan Kalyan’s Balu, Karunakaran (Tholi Prema, Yuvakudu) once again shows that he is ill-at-ease with the action genre. The basic love plot works though it isn’t very novel. Karunakaran is adept at handling love stories and this is clearly visible in the second hour of the film. It seems that Karunakaran should stick to what he does best and leave the heroes with an action image alone. Overall, an inconsistent run-of-the-mill film raised by good music, song picturizations and a watchable second hour.


1. Rachana - December 13, 2007


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