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Next July 12, 2007

Posted by Sai in English, Movies, Reviews.

This film based on the Philip K. Dick novel The Golden Man is about a Las Vegas Magician Frank Cadillac/Cris Johnson (Nicholas Cage) has a special gift. He can look at the future for upto 2 minutes with any events related to him. However, there is an exception to this rule, he sees a girl called Elizabeth Cooper much before anything else even when she has nothing to do with him. Then there is also Agent Callie Ferris (Julianne Moore) who wants to track him down to enlist his help in locating a nuclear device smuggled into the country by terrorists before they can cause disaster. Cris wants nothing to do with it as he doesn’t believe he can help but Callie believes that his power comes with this responsibility. Now, Cris is running away from Callie as he meets Liz and falls in love with her. The terrorists are also after Cris but Callie gets to him first while the terrorists get Liz. As Cris contends, the problem with the future is that every time you look at the future and change it, everything else changes. So now Cris needs to do everything in his power to change the future and save her as well as the country.

The most promising aspect is also the one that lets it down. The beginning of the film has an interesting sequence that lays down the ground rules for this special gift. Once you buy the looking-into-the-future aspect and start imagining various possibilities, the writers (Gary Goldman, Jonathan Hensleigh and Paul Bernbaum) let you down with regular changes to the ground rules. I don’t know if the key twist in the climax was added as an after thought and though unexpected, I am sure it would make many feel silly.

Director Lee Tamahori (Along Came A Spider, Die Another Day) makes a somewhat thrilling film (with some enjoyable action sequences) that is flawed but I didn’t mind watching because I did like the premise. Unlike some other films that deal with time, this one doesn’t have a problem changing the future. There are a few interesting scenes visualizing the scenarios from this premise. Cage, Moore and Biel bring in the star value but they don’t have challenging roles as can be expected. Though it starts off promisingly, the inconsistencies and the often used cliche of a nuclear bomb threat pull the film down to a certain extent. Nothing to rave about but it makes a decent watch for those looking for a commercial entertainer with an interesting premise.



1. Shujath - October 20, 2007

This is the worst Philip K. Dick novel adaptation I’ve seen. Even the much maligned Ben Affleck starrer Paycheck is notches above this. The climax almost gave me the feeling I had after watching “The Forgotten”.

Cage looks like he was forced to star in this one (he actually is one of the producers). If Iike him I could look atleast 2 hours into the future I would never have ventured to see this.

Watch this only if you have never seen a film before dealing with futuristic time travel stuff.

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