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Who Killed The Electric Car? July 7, 2007

Posted by Sai in English, Movies, Reviews.

This 2006 documentary is a sort of biopic on the electric car. The film gives a historical overview of the development of the electric car while it primarily delves into the reasons for its unceremonious exit from the market (most of the events in the film revolve around EV1 from the General Motors). As one might expect, the government as well as oil companies are on the list of suspects that also includes the car companies and consumers. Despite looking at both sides of the coin to some extent, the film does put you in a position where you take the side of the electric car. The Wikipedia page for the film provides links to articles on some of the other views on the issue and the “facts” presented here.

Director Chris Paine delivers an informative and interesting documentary. It makes a good watch because many people (and that includes me) wouldn’t know the facts and fiction associated with the electric car before this. As the documentary indicates the general American consumers were not aware of the existence of the electric car in the market. The film does have some presentation flaws as the director takes too much time to make a few points. Nevertheless, it ends nicely and yes there seems to be hope at the end of it all. Watch this if you are a car enthusiast or if you are interested in learning about the electric car as this documentary does not aim to entertain.



1. patrick - February 28, 2008

Watched “Who Killed the Electric Car” recently (great documentary), then i heard that GM and Tesla are making another run at the electric car (yay for progress!) hopefully development of this technology can go on unhindered by the corporations that depend on oil consumption.

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