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Disney’s The Kid June 29, 2007

Posted by Shujath in English, Movies, Reviews.

As the title suggests this maudlin comedy drama caters more to a younger audience while for adults it’s an okay watch with occasional good moments.

Russell (Bruce Willis) is your stereotype hollywood high-end executive – an overworked image consultant who is highly irritable and emotionless. He’s approaching 40 but still without “a dog or a chick” and also has a girlfriend-in-waiting (Emily Mortimer) unsuccessfully vying for his affection. One fine day he runs into a kid who turns out to be Russell/Rusty himself when he was 8 years old. Initially Russell thinks it’s a hallucination but Rusty isn’t going anywhere and he is real too as everyone else around can interact with him as well. The whole objective of Rusty’s existence is to get Russell to confront his past demons and nudge him to live the life he always cherished.

Though you’ll know where the plot is going quite early in the movie, the innovative fantasy element nevertheless makes it pretty interesting. The humor is intermittent and works to an extent and some of the emotional moments towards the end are very touching. Still, the overall impact isn’t great.

Bruce Willis goes over the top in the initial portions but is back in form the moment “the kid” arrives. His interaction with the kid is really cute at times; however “The Sixth Sense” hangover is visible in Willis at some places. The scene stealer is Spencer Breslin in the title role who is absoulely adorable. He is the main reason the film works. Director Jon Turtletaub does his job well; the problem is with the writing (Audrey Wells) which employs every known cliche in the book and hence fails to utilize the potential of the fine plot.

Despite all its faults, I would still recommend this flick which isn’t bad at all though it could have been much better.



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