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Anumanaspadam June 22, 2007

Posted by Sai in Movies, Reviews, Telugu.

What’s Hot?
A long awaited reunion from the Vamsy-Ilayaraaja combo leading to the creation of a soundtrack reminiscent of their previous outings together.
An excellent background score (Ilayaraaja) that elevates the banal moments and together with the camera work and Vamsy’s taking creates the necessary suspense.

What’s Not?
A “hero” (Aryan Rajesh) who can’t act, express or dance and has a screen presence that is dwarfed by the scenery.
A “heroine” (Hamsa Nandini) who isn’t really hot or good looking in a role that doesn’t require much else.
A supporting cast that is somewhat better but still irritates at times.
A disappointing screenplay (Vamsy) with an idea that could have worked.
A capable director (Vamsy) saddled with a limited budget who recycles his imagination much to the disappointment of the audience.
Bad choreography and visuals that take the sheen off some superbly scored numbers.

Vamsy continues his not-so-successful second innings (barring Avunu Vallu Iddaru Ishtapaddaru) in a slasher flick that fans were hoping would be another Anveshana. Doesn’t happen!

For those interested in the plot, here is a summary. Dheerappan (a not-so-subtle Veerappan clone), a dreaded sandalwood smuggler is gunned down by police. A reporter who has been following him for a while has details of the riches that Dheerappan has hidden away. He also dies in an accident but passes on the details to a young reporter before his death. The reporter forms a team and pursues the treasure a year later. The team reaches the forest pretending to be shooting a documentary on Dheerappan. They meet mysterious folks on the way who tell them that Dheerappan isn’t dead. They pass through the hurdles and find the treasure. Now, one by one the team members are killed. Can they save themselves and the treasure or will the killer get through with them? Is Dheerappan really alive and is he the killer?

The film has the unique Vamsy feel with his brand of characters and style. The first half of the film is quite lame and boring. The second half of the film has a few interesting moments but the screenplay is far from acceptable for those who’ve seen a number of films in this genre and the actors are mostly unwatchable. We have seen this before and there is no particular reason to watch this film as opposed to rewatching another Vamsy film like Anveshana or even Detective Narada. That said, I have to accept that I’ve never been a big fan of the Vamsy brand of comedy. Also, this film is best watched on the big screen with a high-quality sound system.

This film might appeal to die-hard Vamsy fans. The soundtrack is definitely worth checking out. There are many out there who have been waiting for the reunion of Ilayaraaja and Vamsy for over a decade and I am sure all those fans are thirsty for more music from this pair. Therefore, despite this dud, I (and I’m sure many others) don’t wish to see Vamsy retire just yet.



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