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Hyderabad Nawabs May 21, 2007

Posted by Sai in Hindi, Movies, Reviews.

Following the success of The Angrez and the popularity of its hyderabadi characters and dialogue, the actors and producer, RK are back together, this time with a new writer-director, Laxmikanth Chenna. Compared to that one, this film is technically superior, has a bigger budget and a somewhat better plot.

Munna (Mast Ali, who played Salim Pheku in The Angrez) and Pappu (Aziz, who played Jahangir in The Angrez) are two awaaras, one a romeo and the other a black marketeer. They are in love with Reshma (Vandana) and Nazma (Stuti Misra), who are the daugthers of a butcher, Hanif (Raju Shrivastav, who played Ismail bhai in The Angrez). Hanif dislikes Munna and Pappu for obvious reasons and wants to marry off his daughters to NRIs. He finds two grooms in Atif and Anwar. Meanwhile, there are also two warring dons, Mama and Ajju. The rest of the film is about how Munna and Pappu win over Hanif while Mama and Ajju settle their scores.

Mast Ali, Aziz and Raju are once again on target with their hilarious performances. Stuti and Vandana provide some eye candy. Kota Srinivasa Rao shows up in a cameo. The hyderabadi lingo is key to the appeal of this film and the dialogue writers do a praise-worthy job. While this film is funny in its own right, it lacks scenes that are as hilarious as those from its predecessor. So, some of the target audience might find it disappointing. Despite that, the identification factor for hyderabadis is still high and they might want to check this out if they’ve liked The Angrez.



1. Ritesh - February 5, 2008

Can anyone upload Hyderabad Nawabs hindi movie?

2. flyingbaba - June 6, 2008

I say this movie online sometime back, and actually got bored. The Angrez rocked and this one dint as much…i must watch it again..may be i missed a trick

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