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The Day After Tomorrow May 15, 2007

Posted by Sai in English, Movies, Reviews.

I loved disaster flicks when I was a kid and I still continue to like them because they provide situations that trigger my imagination even if the film itself is cliched or illogical or scientifically implausible or even unimaginative. This film religiously follows the genre conventions and provides the entertainment that one would expect from such a movie.

Global warming is taking its toll on the world and paleoclimatologist Jack Hall predicts dire consequences if the situation continues. Of course, nobody cares as they do not imagine that the effects are imminent. Surprise! Surprise!! The melting of the polar ice caps has reached a stage where it has disrupted the North Atlantic Current causing a change in the global climate with freezing temperatures and rising water levels. As usual the President and a Vice-President (who feels too much like Dick Cheney) react late. The must-include emotional angle in the story comes from Hall’s son, who has been neglected over the years by his father. He is in New York in the “eye of the storm” literally and Hall drives from Washington for a while and then even goes on foot to reach his son (the purpose of this endeavor isn’t easily apparent as he cannot save his son by reaching him anyway or was it an opening for a sequel where they struggle to get back home??).

Director Roland Emmerich is a veteran of the genre who earlier made the commercial blockbuster Independence Day and the critically panned remake of Godzilla. He delivered another commercial success with this film (that he co-wrote with Jeffrey Nachmanoff). He uses plot devices that have proven successful with the audience and they work once again. Lack of real characters and hollow emotional content is expected from such a film. Most audience members will not care about it but critics will take offense.

What make this movie worth watching are the cleverly imagined and superbly executed special effects (the impact was great in the theatre). There are quite a few images that stay in your mind for a while.

The performances in a commercial film like this are nothing to rave about but I thought Emmy Rossum (Mystic River) looked good. For the record, the cast includes Dennis Quaid (In Good Company, Traffic), Jake Gyllenhaal (Zodiac, Jarhead, Brokeback Mountain, Donnie Darko), Ian Holm (The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy) and Sela Ward (The Fugitive).

This entertaining film is an above average disaster flick with some neat ideas (Americans crossing over into Mexico illegally! Now that was hilarious!!) and cool images. Watch this if you enjoy the genre or for the special effects.



1. Shujath - May 16, 2007

No matter what the critics say – I’ve always loved watching Roland Emmerich’s stuff. I actually liked his Godzilla (both a critical and commercial failure) too and have seen it many times on television. He again delivers a successful disaster movie with this one which I quite enjoyed.

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