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Dhee May 8, 2007

Posted by Sai in Movies, Reviews, Telugu.

Writer-director Srinu Vytla’s latest entertainer starring Vishnu and Genelia came out of nowhere and became a success providing Vishnu with his first hit. Vytla (Anandam, Sontham, Venky) relies on his strengths in this film after the debacle of Chiranjeevi starrer Andarivaadu.

Shankar Goud (Srihari) is a one of the two warring dons in the city. He kills the son of his rival who is now looking for revenge. Shankar dotes on his sister Pooja (Genelia) and he asks her to discontinue her education as it isn’t safe. Babloo (Vishnu) is a street-smart guy without a job and joins Shankar’s gang. Pooja who is under house arrest falls for Babloo and vice-versa. Babloo now has the twin jobs of saving Pooja’s life and outsmarting her brother.

Vytla’s expertise at handling comedy is the primary reason that this film works. It is suprising that he uses the “drunken guy retaliating against an oppressor and making him dance” bit again (after using it in films like Anandam and Venky) and it still manages to be funny. He is ably aided by Kona Venkat’s dialogues. The mind games (gimmicks that seem intelligent) also appeal.

Vishnu isn’t bad. Despite his so-so looks, he is watchable because he has decent comic timing but there is scope for improvement on many fronts. Genelia delivers another performance with popular appeal. Sri Hari is well cast. Brahmanandam is superb and Sunil also joins the party. The music by Chakri is average. The visuals of the songs aren’t too pleasing either, especially when Vishnu and Genelia dance.

The film is formulaic and the storyline (Kona Venkat) has been often reused with slight variations. However, the film is filled with entertainment throughout and that makes you forget the “seen that already” feeling. This light entertainer provides a fun time without taxing your brain.


1. Shujath - May 26, 2007

Finally saw a film featuring Vishnu! He was okay (contrary to my expectations) but the scene stealer was Brahmandam. A good timepass flick on the whole from back-in-form Srinu Vylta.

2. Akhila - May 30, 2007

The story has nothing new in it and the total film depends on the laughs it spills based on the comedy of Sunil and Brahmandam whose performance was great!!

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