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Danger April 22, 2007

Posted by Sai in Movies, Reviews, Telugu.

This underrated thriller from writer-director Krishna Vamsi was a dud at the box office but it certainly deserved more praise than it got.

Lakshmi is getting married and her friends are very excited. To celebrate her engagement, they plan to attend a party on the outskirts of the city. They are involved in an accident with a police vehicle on the way but they run away before they are caught. Police reach the party and all the youngsters are on the run. While on the run in the woods, they witness the ghastly murder of a baby. A politician sacrifices the baby hoping to benefit from such a ritual. This is captured on a video camera by these friends and the goons are after the video tape. With danger lurking at every corner, will the youngsters survive and bring the tape to light?

The film starts off with a very interesting introduction of all the characters. The energy and the Krishna Vamsi touch are very evident and I still enjoy that sequence after repeated viewing. The chase sequences are also canned well and they manage to thrill. There are some sequences when the kids are traveling in the car and after they reach that party that could have been paced better.

Krishna Vamsi does a neat job of integrating technology into the screenplay. In an age where many Indian filmmakers still don’t manage to reflect the technological effect on society in their films, such an attempt is respectable. Joshua Sridhar provides the background score and I wasn’t very impressed. The casting is good. The young actors (‘Allari’ Naresh, ‘Aithe’ Abhishek , ‘143’ Sairam Shankar, ‘Colors’ Swati and ‘Juniors’ Shireen) suit their roles very well. Shafi (Khadgam) overdoes his maniacal character.

Krishna Vamsi also tries to pass some simple messages with this film. He doesn’t ask the youth to keep away from partying completely. He only wishes that they would have more civic sense and understand their responsibility to the society while continuing to have fun. He also brings to light some of the unimaginably stupid rituals that few people still believe in (this was based on a real incident).

A thriller isn’t a common genre in telugu cinema and that is enough to make this a somewhat novel attempt (of course, if you have seen many films in the genre in other languages, this might not seem new). However, it continues to fail commercially despite some good attempts because these films aren’t really designed for the masses. These thrillers have wafer-thin plots (in short, someone is chasing someone else for something) because it is not the story but the execution that thrills.

A part of the audience still expects a story, emotions, sentiments, love, songs, fights and more from every movie. Keep away if you are looking for such a film. Overall, this stylish product isn’t a highly intellectual film or an unpredictable thriller. It has its share of flaws but it manages to hold your attention and thrills too. I would recommend this to those who enjoy the genre.


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