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Braveheart April 17, 2007

Posted by Shujath in English, Movies, Reviews.

When Braveheart won the Oscars for Best Picture and Best Director, lot of critics felt it was unjustified for several reasons but no matter what this one was far more entertaining that other prominent period flicks which came before and after it.

The movie is based on the famous Scottish freedom fighter William Wallace. But once you watch the movie you don’t have to be an expert to point out that the incidents depicted are far from believable. This precisely was what had irked a lot of historians also. Wallace (Mel Gibson) is this iconic hero who rebels against the King of England to gain freedom for Scotland. His story actually follows every cliche used in fictional portrayals of similar figures in cinema. So you have our hero who gets serious about his aim once his wife is killed by the enemy, fights and overcomes inplausible battles, attracts attention of the queen from the enemy camp who in turn helps him and finally goes smiling to the gallows.

Despite an unoriginal story, Gibson makes sure that his audience doesn’t get bored. I always find a lot of boring moments in such period action flicks but this one was an exception. The highlights definitely are the spectacular battle sequences filled with lot of gore (which have become a trademark in Gibson’s future dictectorial ventures too). The visuals are beautiful and lend the necessary grandeur to a film like this. James Horner’s score – especially the Scottish bagpiper theme enhance the mood greatly. The performances are ok and in a film like this they take a backseat.

If you like period dramas then Braveheart packs in all the ingredients required for one in the right proportions.



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