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Chukkallo Chandrudu April 10, 2007

Posted by Sai in Movies, Reviews, Telugu.

The fact that two of Mani Ratnam’s former assistant directors came together for this film (star Siddharth and debutant director Siva Kumar co-wrote this film with Kona Venkat) made it highly anticipated. However, after watching the film I realized this is a commercial romantic comedy that does not really have a noticeable Mani influence.

Siddharth plays a youngster from Germany who is forced by his grandparents (ANR and Waheeda Rahman) to get married but he refuses. After the death of his grandmother, the grandfather resorts to emotional blackmail and he gives in. However, he has a plan. He decides that he will marry one of his three childhood friends who are still single (fortunately). Shalini Rao is a tennis player (Saloni) who is too busy in achieving her goals and misses the life of a normal teenager. Sandhya is a social activist who is a bit of a tomboy, is in love with nature and has a dislike towards love because of a bad breakup. Shalini is an introverted MBBS student who has problems at home with her uncle and aunt and isn’t getting the love that she needs. He befriends each of these girls with the name Krishna and attracts all three of them. That creates a problem when he has to take a decision. Will he take the right decision? Will he break the hearts of the other two? How does the story culminate?

The screenplay isn’t novel. Many overused plot devices are used again adding up to an average film. The premise seemed interesting when I first heard it but it follows the basic cliched love formulas that we are so used to. The primary characters are predictable (modeling the Shalini Rao character on Sania Mirza might seem fresh to some) and the supporting ones are underdeveloped or one-dimensional. Though the screenplay isn’t great what holds the interest of the audience is the question of whom he will finally select. Also, enough care is taken to see that each of the primary characters gets a satisfying climax. Siva Kumar’s directorial capabilities are satisfactory but not special.

The best part of this film is its soundtrack. This is Chakri’s best score in recent times and sounds very unlike what we have come to expect from him. This was the primary draw for me. The Navvuthu Ring Tone song with is trite lyrics (I don’t understand this obsession of lyrics writers with telephones and ringtones) and commonplace tune is the only number that I disliked. The melodious Kalanaina and the energetic Dholna are my favorites in the album. Siddharth lends his voice to a couple of songs (though only a few lines).

It was nice to see veterans ANR and Waheeda Rahman together but they are wasted. So is KR Vijaya. Siddharth is fun but not as charming as he is in Nuvvosthanante Nenoddantana or as likeable as he is in Bommarillu. The female leads do not get great parts but they deliver what is expected of them. I was impressed by Saloni’s expressive face. Charmy does fine while Sada portrays the role in her usual style. Sunil gets the part of Siddharth’s friend and gets a few one liners to make the audience laugh.

The film is quite an average one but watchable if you like romantic comedies and don’t overanalyze it. Watch it if the premise seems appealing. Check out the soundtrack even if you don’t want to watch the film.



1. suresh - April 28, 2007

nice movie

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