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Karz April 6, 2007

Posted by Shujath in Hindi, Movies, Reviews.

Reincarnation is a theme which has been visited time and again in Indian cinema. Subhash Ghai’s Karz happens to be one of the biggest blockbusters in this genre. The most instantly recognizable thing about this film even today is its haunting guitar theme (which is also set to tune in the “Ek Hasina Thi” song).

Karz has a simple reincarnation plot at its core. Ravi Verma (Raj Kiran) after much struggle wins a legal property battle with Sir Judah (Premnath). Ravi is also in love with Kamini (Simi Garewal) but Judah hires her to kill Ravi to get hold of his wealth. Kamini successfully executes Judah’s orders whle she and Ravi are on her way to meet his mother and sister. Later, both mother and sister are thrown out their house. Twenty years later, Ravi is born again as Monty (Rishi) – a famous rock star who doesn’t have a clue about his previous birth until he starts seeing stuff while playing the theme music on his guitar. He ends up at the place where all this happened in the past, reunites with his mother and sister and also avenges the injustice inflicted upon him and his family. The second half of the movie is quite entertaining as Monty plays mind games on Kamini to make her confess her crimes.

The highpoint of this film is the “Om Shanti Om” song brilliantly choreographed on Rishi Kapoor. Also, the song “Ek Hasina Thi” towards the climax is too good. Plotwise I don’t consider this to be among the better reincarnation flicks I’ve seen but the use of the musical format is what makes Karz stand out. Ghai’s films have always excelled in the music department and this one finds him in peak form. Apparently, there were rumours that Farah Khan’s upcoming “Om Shanti Om” featuring Shahrukh Khan is going to be a remake of this one but she later vehemently denied it.

Rishi Kapoor delivers a power packed performance as Monty/Ravi Verma and his dancing skills are exploited to the hilt here. Pran and Premnath are the other two performers who provide quite a bit of entertainment. If stories based on rebirth excite you then Karz is a classic you wouldn’t want to miss.


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