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Silsila March 26, 2007

Posted by Shujath in Hindi, Movies, Reviews.

More than anything else, this film has always been remembered to be Amitabh Bachchan’s biographical story based on his alleged romance with actress Rekha. Whatever it might be…this film is yet another shining example of Yash Chopra’s (now lost) brilliance. Last year, Karan Johar’s KANK ruffled a lot of feathers with its take on extra-marital affairs. In a lot of ways, the basic thread of that film was based on Silsila but after watching the latter recently I realised how juvenile Johar’s film in comparison was.

Amit (Amitabh Bachchan) and Chandni (Rekha) are very much in love with each other and are on the verge of getting married. Meanwhile Amit’s brother Shekhar (Shashi Kapoor) has a similar story going on with Shobha (Jaya Bachchan). But then tragedy strikes and Shekhar is killed and it is later revealed that Shobha is pregnant with Shekhar’s child. Such circumstances compel Amit to dump Chandni and marry Shobha. Things seem to be okay for a while when in another accident Shobha’s unborn child dies. At this juncture, Amit and Chandni – who is now married to Dr. Anand (Sanjeev Kumar) come face to face and their romance rekindles again. Eventually, their clandestine affair gives way first in front of their friends and finally even their spouses get to know about it. In the end, things get rather filmy to result in a happy ending but that is forgivable (especially considering that it was made in the early eighties).

Wikipedia cites that Silsila and Lamhe happen to be Yash Chopra’s personal favorites. If you see both you can understand why. The delicate handling of bold and complex relationships is what both these movies excelled at. For sure, you won’t witness the BS here generally seen in the so called “bold” flicks dealing with extra-marital relationships nor does it resort to the stupid rationalization as in KANK.

One thing which stands out is the brilliant dialogue which builds on the fact that the main protagonist is a writer/poet and hence you get to hear lot of power-packed (sometimes heavy) lines. Of course to pull this off one needs great performances you can always rely on Amitabh, Jaya Bachchan and Sanjeev Kumar for that. Music by Shiv-Hari is laced with some great tunes like Neela Aasmaan, the title song, Sarki Chunariya and the ever popular Rang Barse. This definitely is one of those true gems by Yash chopra you shouldn’t miss.



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