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Jagadam March 17, 2007

Posted by Shujath in Movies, Reviews, Telugu.

This one totally made my day. Finally, here’s comes a movie which truly gives you the adrenaline rush. On the flip side, these isn’t really anything you’d find here apart from that. This film was much awaited as it was director Sukumar’s second venture three years after his blockbuster debut Arya. I wasn’t too excited about this one but it all changed when I caught a glimpse of the promos a week back.

The basic plot is about this guy Seenu (Ram) who is quite fascinated as a kid with the concept of violence. As he grows up bashing up people and breaking things just for the kicks, he comes across a much feared goon Manikyam (Pradeep Rawat) and is greatly impressed by his persona. Now, his aim in life is to become someone like Manikyam. A few reels later Seenu is in Manikyam’s gang and another few reels later he is Manikyam’s sworn enemy because of his girl Subbalakshmi (Isha Sahani). There is hardly anything in terms of a story which transpires beyond this point.

The ultimate message of the film is purportedly to denounce violence and its futility but that looks more like a hogwash. For me Jagadam provided the guilty pleasures I derived watching flicks like Fight Club and Sin City. This probably is the most stylishly shot film in Telugu cinema (atleast from what I have seen till now). Sukumar has simply outdone himself in this department when compared to his previous film. Every single frame is worthy of mention. Also, notable is the way he uses a non-chronological narrative in some places. The cool camera movements and visual effects are an icing on the cake.

Devisri Prasad comes up with a rocking score which takes the movie to an altogether different level. Among the songs, “Five feet” (should definitely end up being the biggest chartbuster this season) and “Jagadam/Violence is a fashion” are superb. The awesome choreography is another highpoint. The background score – mostly based on the aforementioned tunes is something you’ll remember for a long time after you’ve seen the film.

I haven’t seen Ram’s earlier film Devadasu but he is a revelation in this one…more so because of his characterization than his actual performance. I found him really good in a few scenes where he gloats sheepishly on hearing a good thing or two being spoken about him. Debutante Isha looks hot but she seriously has to stop trying hard to look cute….it simply doesn’t work. There are quite a few actors (who play Seenu’s friends), most of who I haven’t seen before and they are pretty okay.

Sukumar may not have succeeded greatly as a storyteller here but he more than makes it up in every other department. I am not sure how this one would perform at the box office; people looking for regular entertainment might be disappointed a bit but it is really hard not to get pumped up after watching this. I say…watch Jagadam and have a rocking time!


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