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Love Story March 13, 2007

Posted by Shujath in English, Movies, Reviews.

“Love Story” is the one book you’d have seen in the hands of quite a few Bollywood actresses in some flicks. I cannot really recall the exact names of the movies but I clearly remember watching a few where it is apparently the favorite book of the actress or alteast you would notice it at her bedside. Also, this is one book I find proudly displayed on every pavement bookstall I’ve come across. Writer Erich Segal also wrote the screenplay for the film version of this book which is considered to be one of the most romantic films of all time.

I checked this out a few days back and though I did not find it to be the tearjerker it was made out to be, it still made me sad (atleast for some time). In today’s time this flick might look extremely cliched (but I am sure there is a huge section of the audience who’d drool over this even today); but this simple love story about a young couple coming to terms with a terminal illness afflicting one of them struck a chord with audiences like never before.

I do admire the simplicity and the realism with which the proceedings unfold but on the whole it didn’t impress me greatly. The reason probably is that I was constantly comparing this one to similar films in this genre like Suresh Krishna’s Prema/Love and Mani Ratnam’s Geethanjali….both of which arguably are much superior products when compared to Love Story.

The pair of Ryan O’Neil and Ali MacGraw are quite charming though. The haunting theme by Francis Lai is instantly recongnizable for it has been lifted umpteen times by a lot of filmmakers. Ever heard the now corny line (or its translations) “Love means not having to say you’re sorry”….it traces its origin back to this flick. This is a movie which you would really come to love or atleast find to be above average….you can safely try this if you haven’t seen it already.



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