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Guess Who March 11, 2007

Posted by Sai in English, Movies, Reviews.

Inspired by Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, this film is a formulaic meet-the-parents comedy that shouldn’t be compared to that classic. The race issue is weaved into it to distinguish it from other films in this genre in recent years but isn’t dealt with in an earnest manner at any point.

Ashton Kutcher and Bernie Mac star as the prospective groom and the father of the bride respectively. Like in the original, the daughter brings home her boyfriend without telling the parents that he is a white boy (the race is switched in this one). The father obviously isn’t happy and to make things worse he always catches the boy too close to his daughter. As expected, he wants to make sure that the boy is right for his daughter and obviously he is.

Kutcher and Mac suit their roles. Mac is good while Kutcher is passable. Zoe Saldana (The Terminal) looks nice and Judith Scott fits in too. The film has its share of comic moments that make sure you aren’t bored. What could put off a part the audience is the predictability and the familiarity of these moments. Some of the scenes might remind you of many different comedies in the past. Nevertheless, the makers deliver what they intend to and this was a box office hit.

Though it isn’t as fun as say Meet The Parents, those who are in the mood for a simple, mindless and meaningless formulaic comedy should be satisfied with this one.


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