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Ghayal March 7, 2007

Posted by Shujath in Hindi, Movies, Reviews.

I consider this one to be the best revenge drama I’ve seen and definitely one of my favourite films ever. Ghayal catapulted Sunny Deol into the top league and marked the birth of writer-director Rajkumar Santoshi. Today, this genre is practically non-existent (atleast in Hindi Cinema and for good reason) but this particular flick appeals to me even when I watch it today.

Sunny Deol plays an upcoming boxer Ajay Mehra who has a happy life with his girlfriend (Meenakshi Sheshadri), brother Ashok (Raj Babbar) and sister-in-law (Moushmi Chatterjee). One fine day Ashok goes missing and Ajay begins on a relentless trail to find his whereabouts. His efforts lead him to his brother’s employer Balwant Rai (Amrish Puri) and after a few confrontations with Rai, Ashok turns up dead in Ajay’s arms. Ajay is implicated and imprisoned for his brother’s murder and is also accused of having an affair with his sister-in-law. Then along with a group of inmates he plans his escape and avenges his brother’s death by bringing to account everyone who had let him down before.

From the moment the actually story begins, the atmosphere is charged and it grabs your attention right till the very end. The powerful writing and dialogue – which have been a hallmark in each of Santoshi’s films – leave a great impact on the viewer. Of course, the delight in this movie is the unrestrained and raw performance from Sunny Deol which is in total contrast to the crap he has been dishing out in recent times. His confrontation scene with the police officer in the lockup has to be the pick of the lot. Also, the pumped up background score by Bappi Lahiri deserves special mention.

Sunny Deol and Rajkumar Santoshi collaborated a couple of more times after this but neither of those films could match the intensity of Ghayal. There are also great performances from the supporting cast especially Annu Kapoor, Om Puri and Sudesh Berry. For a viewer who has been watching movies only from the late nineties, Ghayal would seem like an unlikely recommendation but one has to watch it (even if you hate Sunny Deol now) to know what I am saying.



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