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Fire in the Sky March 3, 2007

Posted by Shujath in English, Movies, Reviews.

UFO stories have always been intrguing to me….probably one of the very few things I always wanted to believe in but in actuality I don’t. My favorite in this genre has always been Spielberg’s Close Encounters of the Third Kind. What made me watch Fire in the Sky was the fact that it was based on a true story of a certain Travis Walton who was purportedly abducted by aliens in Arizona on November 5th, 1975. Walton surprisingly reappears 5 days later and he ended up penning his book “The Walton Experience” based upon which this movie is based.

Coming to the movie, it begins as a group of loggers including Walton happen to see a flaming light in the sky one night as they are returning home. Walton being the most curious of them steps out of his vechile and tries to approach the light when he (and others) spot a spaceship. As he is about to return to his vehicle he is stunned and knocked down by a powerful beam of light. The rest of his group gets scared and leaves the spot but his best friend Mike (Robert Patrick) returns back to the spot….surprisingly Walton isn’t there. Once they inform the police and the investigation starts, Mike and his gang become the prime suspects of Walton’s supposed murder and they are scrutinized by everyone in the town. Most of the movie until Walton’s reappearance is about the pressure and conflicts Mike has to go through as he and his partners try to clear themselves off this case.

Aside from a few minutes towards the end, the movie doesn’t really dwell deep into the actual alien abduction experience and this precisely is what works for it. The build up of events surrounding the abduction is what amounts for the mystery and thrills. This kind of a plot device was exactly what impressed me in Spielberg’s film too. From the look of it, this flick appears more like a TV movie than a full length feature probably because of the lesser known cast.

Director Robert Lieberman (who’s also handled X-Files before) does a good job and there is not really a moment where you’d feel bored. Among the cast, D.B. Sweeney and Robert Patrick stand out. The musical score by Mark Isham is apt. If themes like UFOs and Alien abduction interest you, then you can watch this film – even though there is nothing really different in terms of the plot it still holds your interest throughout.



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