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Amma Cheppindi February 19, 2007

Posted by Sai in Movies, Reviews, Telugu.

Bose is a mentally challenged kid, born to a famous scientist. He lives with his family in a close-knit community around a space center. His mother showers love on him and tries to make him go to school and try to treat him normally while his father is somewhat indifferent to him. He also has a brother, who is a genius. Everyone in the community knows Bose but not all of them treat him with kindness. The film tries to capture Bose’s attempts to try and gain respect from the people around him. A terrorist plot to assassinate some of the country’s best scientists changes the life of Bose and those around him.

Despite the fact that the film hardly manages to be above average for most part and inspite of the melodramatic scenes leading to the climax that irritated me, the final moments of the film made it really hard to control the tears (and I do not believe that I’m easily moved). I could clearly see what was coming and yet it did not fail to move me. Even though I managed to control myself during Sharwanand’s final scene, Shreya Reddy’s short final speech hit me hard.

Sharwanand (Vennela) comes up with a brilliant performance for someone who doesn’t have much experience. He doesn’t overdo it at any point and plays the role with subtlety (something that isn’t common for Telugu cinema). He stands out in the film. When he was cast for this part, I was wondering why Gangaraju selected him and it is clearly apparent now. Shreya Reddy (Appudappudu, Pogaru) has an appealing screen presence and she suits the character of Razia well. Suhasini plays the role of the mother and she isn’t melodramatic or teary-eyed. Pawan Malhotra (Aithe, Anukokunda Oka Roju) does well in the role of the father, though he has little to do. The tall bespectacled guy who plays the brother is also good (and his look reminded me of my brother).

Gunnam Gangaraju has his heart in the right place but it is his writing that fails him here. The climax is what probably made him write this film but the script isn’t good enough. As far as direction goes, Gangaraju does an imaginative job with some of the songs. He also manages to extract good performances from his cast. Apart from that, there isn’t much to praise.

Keeravani’s score has a few nice songs. I loved the Vasthava Naatho song in terms of concept, lyrics and tune. The other good songs are Evaremaina and Maataltho Swarale. The telugu version of the hindi Happy Birthday song could have been avoided because, frankly, that song feels quite stupid and a translation was unnecessary.

Considering that he was the director of Little Soldiers and the producer of Aithe and Anukokunda Oka Roju, this is a disappointment from Gangaraju. The quality of those films is clearly missing here. Watch this film if you like sentimental dramas and wouldn’t mind a slow paced film (and also note that those that are moved by emotional films may be subjected to tears).


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