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Moksha: Salvation February 17, 2007

Posted by Sai in Hindi, Movies, Reviews.

Cinematographer Ashok Mehta’s debut directorial venture was in the making for a long time and by the time it released there were few who wanted to watch it. Most people will remember this film for the Jaan Leva number that was on all the television channels. Like most others, I didn’t care to watch this one either but when I finally watched it on television I was surprised.

Arjun Rampal plays Vikram, an idealistic lawyer who wants to help the poor and ensure that they can also get legal aid. Manisha Koirala plays his girlfriend, Ritika, who supports him in his endeavor. When he cannot raise money for the cause, he decides to rob a bank but Ritika opposes. It wouldn’t be right to reveal the rest of the story but it will suffice to say that the twists and turns that follow are engaging.

Rampal delivers an impressive performance, considering that the entire film rests on his shoulders. Manisha is passable. Rajesh Roshan’s score for the film had a couple of nice numbers apart from Jaan Leva (Mohabbat Zindagi Hai being my pick).

Mehta’s cinematography (which won the National Award that year) is magnificent! His directorial skills come in at second place. The film is very stylish and Mehta’s creativity is perceptible. The screenplay is credited to Raj Marbros (who directed a film in the sixties). He comes up with a good plot and an unexpected twist. The dilemmas faced by Rampal’s character are well conceived.

Overall, this is an interesting watch if you are in the mood for an imaginative drama with elements of mystery (though it might be a bit slow for some). However, be warned that this isn’t the average commercial Hindi film with a straight narrative and lot of masala. If you are looking for those, watch an Abbas-Mastan film.



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