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Meenaxi: Tale of 3 Cities February 17, 2007

Posted by Shujath in Hindi, Movies, Reviews.

I actually cannot believe I dared to watch an M.F. Husain movie. His first feature Gajagamini starring Madhuri Dixit received horrific reviews (which were expected if one were to go by the promos); but what prompted me to check out Meenaxi was its musical score. I would easily call it A.R. Rahman’s most overlooked soundtrack in last 5 years.

Naturally, I had very low expectations from this movie and was just hoping that I don’t end up with a headache. Thankfully, Meenaxi finishes just below the headache threshold. What really salvages this one are its visuals and music. The plot is supposed to be based on Husain’s experience of his obsession with Madhuri Dixit (which began with Hum Aapke hain Koun!…his current one happens to be Amrita Rao – again from Barjatya’s Vivah). A famous writer from Hyderabad Nawab (Raghuvir Yadav) is desperately in search of a new story and then out of the blue pops out Meenaxi (Tabu) who pesters him to write a story about her. He also comes across a auto mechanic Kunal (Kunal Kapoor) who intrigues him enough to make him the male lead of his work. The scene then shifts to Jaisalmer where Nawab’s story is supposed to take place. Now, there is nothing great about this so called “story” which is just a bunch of abstract conversations between Kunal and Tabu. Later, Nawab takes his story to Prague where Tabu gets a makeover as Maria while Kunal’s character is retained from the previous Jaisalmer plot. Once again you are treated to a series of abstract conversations and when you almost are on the verge of tearing out your hair the twist is revealed (which you would have probably guessed way back in the beginning) and the movie ends.

The whole affair looks totally pointless but Santosh Sivan’s amazing visuals combined with Sharmista Roy’s artwork ensure that you don’t take your eyes off it. Coming to the soundtrack, my favorite song is Noor-Un-Ala (it could have been picturized much better though). The other noteworthy numbers are Chinnamma Chilakamma, Yeh Rishta and Do Kadam. There are also a couple of instrumental pieces (Cyclist’s and Potter’s theme) set to some innovative choreography.

Among, the performers debutant Kunal Kapoor (Rang De Basanti) is the best. Raghuvir Yadav as the writer gets quite irritating at times. Tabu is fine in her Hyderabadi getup as well as the one in Prague. But she looks quite old in the Jaisalmer plot and her costumes are quite ill-fitting too. This is a film I would not really recommend anyone to watch but then it is still a visual and musical treat…so you might want to watch it once if you have nothing else to do.


1. Angela - April 28, 2007

I agree this film lacked greatly in the story department. But I found the conversations between Tabu and Kunal’s character to be interesting even though they were completely abstract and went nowhere. I did enjoy the visuals and music though. Considering I only watched this movie because of Kunal Kapoor, it wasn’t a complete disappointment. If I were to watch it again, I’d probably watch it for its cinematography or maybe to figure out what the whole point of it was. Maybe there was some hidden, subliminal message I missed somewhere??

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