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Nacho Libre February 9, 2007

Posted by Sai in English, Movies, Reviews.

Coming from the writers of Napolean Dynamite (Jared Hess and Jerusha Hess) and The School of Rock (Mike White), this was one film that I keenly awaited. The idea of Jack Black playing a friar who doubles up as a masked Luchador (Mexican wrestler) to support orphans seemed interesting and the trailers seemed promising. However, this film has neither the charm of The School of Rock nor the heartfelt sincerity of Napolean Dynamite.

Director Jared Hess brings the same feel to this film that was so successful with Napolean Dynamite (at least for a part of the audience). However, it doesn’t work beyond a point here. This film isn’t as funny or identifiable as that one and it doesn’t engage your interest long enough. Bringing together writers with two completely different styles ends up in creating a film that is neither here nor there.

Jack Black tries his best to portray Nacho Libre. Though he succeeds as Nacho, Nacho doesn’t succeed completely. The attractive Mexican actress Ana de la Reguera captured me with her beauty, though she hasn’t much to do. The other major role of Esqueleto is played by Hector Jimenez, who delivers what is expected of him.

The film does have its fun moments. However, this isn’t the kind of comedy that appeals to a majority (but there definitely will be a few takers, especially among kids). Watch this if you loved Napolean Dynamite or if you are a huge fan of Jack Black and you might find it amusing. For the others, this may not be worth it.



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