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It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World February 3, 2007

Posted by Shujath in English, Movies, Reviews.

It was quite a departure for director Stanley Kramer who’s known for films like Inherit the Wind and Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner when he came up with this star-studded chase comedy. This was one of the first first major Hollywood productions to feature a huge ensemble cast.

The movie begins with a group of people witnessing an accident wherein the victim before dying discloses the location of a huge cache of money (supposedly in a park under the “big W”). After some failed negotiations, everyone in the group decide that whosoever reaches the place first takes the booty. Now the fun begins as each of the zany characters tries to outsmart every other one to reach the final destination. It also happens that the guy who dies in the accident was actually being chased by the police….so, the police also keep a close watch on these treasure seekers in order to get hold of the money.

Most of the prevailing humor is of the slapstick variety but there are still quite a few genuinely funny moments which made me laugh. Even if some of the kiddy humor doesn’t make one laugh there is enough happening in the main plot…aptly aided by really well filmed chase sequences which keep the viewer thoroughly engaged. There is actually a very huge cast with lot of well known actors (but none that I know of) making cameo appearances. But among the cast, I really enjoyed watching Ethel Merman and Dick Shawn. Kramer might not have created the greatest laughathon as promised but nevertheless has enough packed in to make the cut.

If you have seen Priyadarshan’s latest Bhagam Bhag you might want to know that the climax sequence in that one was directly lifted from here. You can really enjoy this movie if you don’t watch it with bloated expectations….but nevertheless this definitely is one of the best picturized comedies I’ve seen.



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