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The Funeral January 27, 2007

Posted by Shujath in English, Movies, Reviews.

Quite some time since I saw a mob movie and this one surely makes the cut. Like most movies of its kind this one also revolves around themes like guilt, redemption etc. but nevertheless is fresh enough to make an impact.

The movie begins with the death of Johnny (Vincent Gallo), the youngest of three brothers in a gangster family. His brothers Ray (Christopher Walken) and Chez (Chris Penn) are keen to get their revenge by finishing off rival Gaspare (Benicio Del Toro) – who happens to be the primary suspect of this murder. Most of the movie is more like a character sketch of Ray and Chez as each one in a series of flashbacks reminisces major events of their lives. The wives of both Ray and Chez (Annabella Sciorra and Isabell Rossellini) meanwhile are fighting their own battles with their gangster husbands who are hell-bent on revenge. This whole affair ends in a rather unexpected finale.

Inspite of being slow, the pacing seems apt for a film of this genre and I did not really find it boring at any point time. Director Abel Ferrara gets the dark look and feel perfectly right. The performances from all the cast members are first rate. Chris Penn stands out among the rest and he delivers a great performance as the impulsive brother. For those who like gangster movies this might be familiar territory but still makes a great watch.


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