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Annavaram January 21, 2007

Posted by Sai in Movies, Reviews, Telugu.

It turns out that Annavaram which is remade from the Perarasu’s Thirupachi is only an inspired version of Gunasekhar’s Arjun. The movie focusses on Annavaram and his love for sister Varam. Annavaram, who lives in a village, marries his sister to a guy from Hyderabad imagining that he is providing her with a happy and comfortable future. However, when he visits Hyderabad he realises that the (highly contrived) law and order situation is threatened by many goons and his sister may be in danger. However, Varam and her husband ask Annavaram to keep away from the goons. In an unfortunate (but predictable) incident, Annavaram’s friend is killed causing Annavaram to turn violent. When his sister comes to the village to spend time during her pregnancy, Annavaram goes to Hyderabad and cleans up the city by the time his sister returns. I hope that brought a smile to your face because I found it quite funny the first time I heard it.

Remake specialist Bheemaneni Sreenivasa Rao (Subhakankshalu, Suswagatham) directs this film and scores no points. Pawan Kalyan, who is having an extended drought at the Box Office, opts for a remake in the search for a hit. However, it seems to me that he was forced into this film. He looks uninterested for a large part of the film and the charisma that was visible even in recent flops like Gudumba Shankar is missing. The only saving grace of this film is a likeable performance by Sandhya (Premisthe), who plays the role of his sister. Asin, who plays Kalyan’s love interest, is totally wasted and is present mainly for the songs. Kalyan’s brother Nagababu, Brahmaji and Venu Madhav suit their supporting roles well. Ramana Gogula scores for Kalyan’s film after a long time and comes up with a typical score that is above average. The pick of the numbers is Nee Valle Nee Valle and I also enjoyed the play on words in the Annayya song.

I don’t understand what is so appealing about heroes spewing out statistics in a single breath at an unsuspecting audience. It was entertaining the first time when Chiranjeevi did it in Tagore. Now, NTR talks about the Railways in the recent Rakhi and Kalyan talks about the Police department here. It was quite irritating in both these movies and I hope this trend stops here.

The first half of this film is filled with highly irritating melodrama and some dumb comedy. The second half is more violent but fails to distinguish itself from other mass films. In my opinion, this annoying film is quite pathetic. Nevertheless, this may find takers, especially in the members of the female populace who enjoy mawkishly sentimental fare. Either way, you are likely to shed tears or come close to it at least.



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