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Superman Returns December 25, 2006

Posted by Shujath in English, Movies, Reviews.

For me watching Superman Returns was like watching Star Wars. Both were entertaining while they lasted, campy at times and the only thing which stayed in my mind after they finished was the vintage title sequence with John Williams’ theme in the background.

As far as superheroes are concerned Superman would be the last on my list…simply because he is someone I cannot relate too and hence cannot root for. Also, his attrocious costume is a complete turn off. I haven’t seen the movies starring Christopher Reeves before and Byran Singer helming the project was the only reason I went for the latest installment.

Superman (Brandon Routh) is back on earth after five years while his nemesis Lex Luthor is set to create mayhem in the world using certain “crystals” stolen from Superman’s secret cave. While resuming his daily routine as reporter Clark Kent he comes face to face with Lois Lane (Kate Bosworth) who is now engaged and has a kid. That kid springs a surprise later in the movie. What happens is the usual stuff where our hero saves the world yet again battling both Lex Luthor and his feelings for Lois Lane.

Brandon Routh gives credibility to the character and his body language is perfect. There was lot of criticism about Kate Bosworth’s portrayal of Lane but I cannot comment as I haven’t seen any of the previous movies. Kevin Spacey is great as usual. Given that lately onscreen heroes like Batman and James Bond have been given a so called “reboot” to prevent them from becoming any more sillier; I was expecting a similar thing for Superman. Nothing like that happens here (remember…this is Superman Returns and not Superman Begins) but Singer tactfully adheres to the age old superhero formula without making it look ridiculous at any point of time. For fans of Superman this should be a welcome addition while for others it does its bit to entertain.


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